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चूजा और तैयार ब्रायलर एक भाव होने की कगार पर ! 20-1-2019 Broiler and Egg Price |


All India  Morning  Open Broiler and Egg Rate.Broiler Price are Below Egg Rates.Click on Image to See All Price.
Egg/100,Broiler/Kg 20-01-2019
Delhi  Egg Price  435
Hospet Egg Price  390
Vijaywada Egg Rate 425
Barwala Egg Rate  410
Mumbai Egg Rate  460
Punjab Egg Rate  432
Vijag  425
Chennai Egg Rate  440
Pune Egg Rate  450
Banglore Egg Rate  425
Chittur Egg Rate 433
 Anand 450 
  Ajmer 400
  Mysore 435
 Ahmedabad  450
  E.Godavari  425
Namakkal 425
Hyderabad  405
 Warangal 407
All India Broiler  & Egg Price Scroll Below

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Rates are Morning Price



All India Broiler & Egg  Rate.(Last Price )


Jabalpur Egg price  425
Bhopal  Egg price  440
Raipur 440
Kolkata 466
Vehicle Arrived 12
Vehicle Returned
Surat Egg Price 475
Karnal Egg Price 408
Selling Suggested Below Price. Suggested Egg Price
Allahbad Egg price 469
Kanpur Egg price 433
Lucknow Egg price 480
Varanasi Egg Price 473
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All India Poultry Broiler Chicken Wholesale                      OPEN Suggested   Price.


Odhisha Broiler Rate

0rissa (Open)

Chhatisgarh Broiler




Assam Broiler Rate  94
Kerla Broiler Rate



86( Last )

West Bangal Broiler Open Price opened by 

Prestigious Organization,Not Lifting rates

24(PGS)  92
Howrah Broiler Rate  92
Medinipur Broiler Rate  90
Darjiling  Broiler Rate  87
Alipurduar Broiler Rate  93
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All India Broiler Wholesale OPEN Chicken Rate Opened By Prestigious Groups/Suggested   .(Last Price) Rates by Poultry India TV Dot Com (Opend by Big Groups)
Chittur Broiler Price  91
Anantpura Broiler Price  86
Guntur Broiler Price  82
Godavari Broiler Price  81
Hyderabad 77
Karim Nagar Broiler 78
Siddepet 87
 Khamman 76
Kurnool Broiler Price 77
Nellore  91
Ongle  83
Vijag Broiler Price open  75
Mahboobnagar,Nizamabad  77
Vijaywada Broiler Price  81
 Andhra Pradesh  
 Warangal Broiler Price   77
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Maharashtra Morning Broiler Chicken  Price )

Open Rates.Make Self Judgement.

           Open ) rates

Mumbai  75
Baramati  79
Shahapur  74
Nasik  74
Malegaon  73
Dhule  73
Jalgaon 73
Pune 73
Ahmednagar 73
Kopragaon  74
Talegaon  76
Panvel  74
Rahata  73
Miraj 73
Orangabad 73 
Parli 74
Beed  74
Latur 73
Nagpur 72
Vardha 71
Amravati 71
Buldhana 72
Wasim 72
Yavatmal 72
Bhandara 71


All India Poultry  Broiler Chicken Rates below


Delhi Murga Mandi 20-1-2019
Mota- 2.5 Kg+






Medium 64
Tandoori 69
Vehicle Arrived 92
     Haryana Open Broiler Price

    (Opened by Big Groups)


Mota 53( 2.5 Kg+
Medium- 57
Tandoori 57
Cull Parent Bird 55


     Punjab Broiler open Suggested Broiler Chicken Price-

    Suggested For Selling 

Mota 51-52
Medium- 53
Rajasthan Open Suggested Broiler Chicken Price-



Singhana 55
Jhunjhunu 55
Sikar 54
Rigas 55
Jaipur 56
Ajmer 57


Kanpur Murga Mandi Broiler Chicken Price
Tandoori 1 Kg-1.4Kg 90
1.450Kg-1.7 kg 80
1.750 g Plus 76
2400 Gram Plus



Lucknow Murga Mandi Samiti Broiler price
Adat Rate 20-1-2019
Small 1.1Kg-1.2 Kg 86
Medium 1.5kg-1.7Kg 74
Mota 2Kg 76


For Uttar Pradesh Broiler Chicken Wholesale Suggested

price for 2-2.5 kg.  Make Right Judgment From Above Price.



 Uttar Pradesh  Open Rates
Allahbad 73
Amethi 72
Bahraich Broiler Price 74
Gorakhpur ,Agra 80
Varanasi Broiler Price 72
Jagdishpur Broiler Price 70
Sitapur Broiler Price 68
Aligarh,Azamgarh 76
Faizabad Broiler Price 72
 Lakhimpur Broiler Price 68
 Balrampur Broiler Price 76
 Unnav Broiler Price 70
Basti  Broiler Price  76
 Akbarpur Broiler Price 74
 Lucknow Broiler Price  70
 Scroll Down For More price( Make Good Judgement From Mandi Price.   



Bihar Broiler Rates  ( Opened by Big Groups) .             
Place  Price
Patna Mandi Mota




Beghusarai Broiler Price 83
Hajipur Broiler Price 83
Bhagalpur Broiler Price 83
Muzaffarpur Broiler Price 84
Sasaram Broiler Price 81
Samastipur Broiler Price 83
Purnea 88
Arraha 81



Madhya Pradesh Open Broiler  Chicken Price.

Valid Till Morning,Not Evening




Jabalpur 74/85/94
Ratlam 69
Tandoori 81
Ujjain 69
Tandoori 82
Bhopal 70
Tandoori 90
Jalawar 69
Tandoori 82
Gwalior 72/103
Jhansi 72
Tandoori 104

Check after some time for more rates.

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Gujrat  Far. Co. Comittee Broiler  Rates

Large Bird

Broiler  Open Price

Opened by big groups








Ahemdabad  75
Palanpur 78
Veraval 80
Mangrod 80
Wankaner 76
Jamnagar 76
Valsad 75
Ramol 75
Baroda 74
Palej 74
Bharuch 74
 Himmatnagar 73


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