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27-10-2018 Morning Broiler and Egg Price | Bihar | Maharahtra | Nasik | Barwala Egg Price | Namakkal Egg Price | Today Egg price |

      Welcome To Poultry India TV For daily Poultry Bazaar Bhav of Broiler Poultry rates

 ब्रायलर भाव अंडे के भाव के नीचे है!  (  Egg Rates Below Broiler Rates ) 

Rates Are Healthy Whole sale rates ये थोक भाव  मुर्गे के है !

 भाव बदलते भी जाते है डिमांड के हिसाब से ! अपने विवेक से काम लें !

हम Poultry India TV Dot Com  पर  रोजाना अंडे और ब्रायलर के भाव फ्री देते है ! कृपया अपनी ईमेल आई डी और मोबाइल नंबर भरके सब्सक्राइब जरूर कर दें ! ताकि रोजाना के भाव मोबाइल पर ही मिलते रहे !  दूसरो को भी हमारे चैनल के बारे में ज़रूर बतायें ! 

Karnal- 405,Delhi Egg Rates-428,Hospet Egg Rates -370, Vijaywada Egg Rates -386 ,
Namakkal Egg Rates-395 ,Barwala Egg Rates -406-407,
Mumbai Egg Rates -440,Punjab Egg Rates -424 ,
Chennai Egg Rates -415,Pune Egg Rates -434
Banglore Egg Rates -405 ,Gujrat ( Surat ) Egg Rates-422,
Gujrat Egg price -422,Bhopal Egg rates-410,KolkataEgg Price -435,Vehicle Arrived-18 , Vehicle Returned-, Jabalpur Egg Rates – 415( around ), Chhatisgarh –Raipur Egg Price-410, Hyderabad Egg Rates -383, Rajasthan- Ajmer  Egg Rates -398, Indore-405,Chittur- 403,
Namakkal  Layer Price  – , Chittur Layer Prace – , Godavari Layer Price- , Hyderbad Layer Price-

Tandooroi Mean -1100 Gram-1300 Gram, Medium Mean – 1400
1500 Gram-1800 Gram ,Mota -1800 Gram -2200 Gram ,
Super Mota Mean -2200 g +
Jammu & Kashmir- Local Broiler- , Near Punjab Area Surrounding-
Jharkhand Broiler Lifting Rates-
Odhisha Broiler Price ( Urissa Broiler Price – 70-72
Chhattisgarh broiler Bazaar –68 ,
Assam Broiler Rate-87,
West Bangal Broiler Rate –72 Tandoori-76
Karnataka Broiler rates-103,
Tamil Nadu Broiler rates-103-105,
Telangana  Broiler retes-93,         Andra Pradesh Broiler rates-93,
Karim Nagar Broiler rates -94,      Hyderabad Broiler rates -93,
Kurnool Broiler rates -93,Warangal Broiler rates -93,
Vizag Broiler rates -82,Godavari Broiler rates -93,
VijayWada Broiler rates -93, Guntur Broiler rates -98,
Chittur Broiler rates -105,
MAHARASTRA Broiler Poultry Bazaar bhav-
Open Rates-
BIHAR Broiler Poultry Bazaar Bhav-
( Least Rates are healthy wholesale Lifting rates)
PURNEA Broiler rates-76,DHARBHANGA Broiler rates-76,
BEGHUSARI Broiler rates-75,
HAJIPUR Broiler rates-77,BHAGALPUR Broiler rates-76,
ARRAHA Broiler rates-77, MUZAFFARPUR Broiler rates-78,
SASARAM  Broiler rates-76, SAMASTIPUR Broiler rates-77,
PATNA Broiler rates-86,
MADHYA PRADESH Broiler Poultry Bazaar` Bhav
INDORE Broiler rates-74-75,Tandoori-92,
BHOPAL Broiler rates -75, Tandoori -90,RATLAM Broiler rates-77,
Tandoori-92,UJJAIN Broiler rates-77, UJJAIN  Tandoori-92,
JALAWAR Broiler rates -76,Tandoori-95,
GWALIOR Broiler rates-85, GWALIOR Tandoori Rate -92-95,
JHANSI Broiler rates-85, JHANSI Tandoori Rate-92-95
JABALPUR Broiler rates-74-78,Tandoori-88,Gir Broiler rates-74,

Gujrat Broiler Poultry Bazaar Bhav-(   Rate )O
VALSAD Broiler rates-80,
MODSA Broiler rates-74

ANAND Broiler rates-74,Wankaner Broiler rates-69,
PALAMPUR Broiler rates-72,AHEMDABAD-
Broiler rates-74,
,HIMATNAGR Broiler rates -74,
,MANGROL Broiler rates-69,MAHUA Broiler rate-,
JAMNAGAR Broiler rates -72,BARODA Broiler rates -74,
BHARUCH Broiler rates-73,PALEJ Broiler rates -73
Kutch Broiler rates-77,

Delhi Poultry Broiler Rates  .
Tandoori-95 ,Vehicle-72
Haryana Broiler rates – Mota -, Medium  (Around)-,
Tandoori -Some Group opened ,Mota-,Medium-
Punjab Broiler rates – (Around )
RAJASTHAN Wholesale Broiler Chicken rates. ( Judge From Delhi Mandi )open rates
SINGHANA Broiler rates-76,JHUJUNU Broiler rates-75 ,
SIKAR Broiler rates-75, RIGAS Broiler rates-75 ,
JAIPUR Broiler Rates -76,AJMER Broiler rates-76
PALSANA Broiler rates-75,
Uttar Pradesh Broiler Rates-
KANPUR Mandi Broiler rates 2200 gram plus  –Mota-90,
Medium (1400-1700) gram -90
Tandoori-96, (Least Rates are Lifting rates) –
Lucknow Murga Mandi Samiti- Small -1100- 1200- 102,
Medium 1500 gram to 1700 gram —86
Mota 2000 gram plus- 84,
LUCKNOW  (मुर्गा उत्पादक सहकारी समिति,लखनऊ )-
लखनऊ : ट्रेडिंग जोन*
तंदूरी 1100-1300 gram -92

मीडियम- (1400 से 1700 ग्राम तक)-88

मोटा- (1800 से 2400 ग्राम तक)80
सुमो- (2500 ग्राम एवं अधिक)- 78

Awadh Poultry Association- Tandoori- ( Maximum)-94
Old Lucknow-Tandori-,Medium-,Mota-
All Uttar Pradesh –
Akbarpur-76,Allahabad Broiler rates -74, Faizabad Broiler rates-74 AMETHI Broiler rates-74,AZAMGARH Broiler rates-74,
Varanasi  Broiler rate-77,GORKHPUR Broiler rates-77-80,
Bahraich Broiler rates-77, Balrampur Broiler rates-77,
Bareli Broiler rates-74,JAGDISHPUR Broiler rates-73-74,
LAKHIMPUR Broiler rates-79,Sitapur Broiler rates-78,
Fatehpur Broiler rates-77, Jaunpur Broiler rate-79 ,

Note-: Poultry India TV provides daily rate updates for Broiler Rates. We don’t take responsibility of any rates difference. The rates we get, we update.

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