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Broiler Chicken up by Demand on Festival | Broiler Price | Egg rates | NECC Egg Price | Wholesale Price All India Broiler and Egg | 8-11-2018

ब्रायलर भाव अंडे के भाव के नीचे है! (Broiler Price  Rates are Below Egg Rates ).For More rates Scroll  Below. Wholesale Egg Price –/100 In Indian Rupees-Egg Karnal -414, Delhi Egg Rates-435, Hospet Egg Rates -390,Vijaywada Egg Rates -406 ,Namakkal Egg Rates- ,Barwala Egg Rates -411,Mumbai Egg Rates -461,Punjab Egg Rates -432,Mysore-424,Chennai Egg Rates -430,Pune Egg Rates -463,Banglore Egg Rates -425,

Gujrat  Ahmedabad Egg Rates-447,Gujrat Surat Egg price -465,Bhopal Egg rates-440, Kolkata Egg Price -446, Vehicle Arrived-16 , Vehicle Returned-6, Godavari-396, Jabalpur Egg Rates –440,( around ), Chhatisgarh –Raipur Egg Price-435,Warangal-403

Last Rates-    Hyderabad Egg Rates -404, Rajasthan- Ajmer  Egg Rates -410, Indore-425,Chittur- 423,E. Godawari-404, Vijag-408, Kanpur-457,Allahbad-443,Lucknow--457,Varanasi-460 ,For More rates Scroll  Below.

Kerla Broiler lifting Rates-80

Jammu & Kashmir- Local Broiler- , Near Punjab Area Surrounding- ( We Are Trying For J& K Price .

Jharkhand Broiler Lifting Rates- Not getting From traders. For More rates Scroll  Below.

Odhisha Broiler Price ( Urissa) – 70

Chhattisgarh Broiler Bazaar –72,

Assam Broiler Rate-70,

West Bangal Broiler Rate – 63

Karnataka– Broiler rates-75,Tamil Nadu Broiler rates-74/76,

Telangana  Broiler retes-74, Andra Pradesh Broiler rates-71,

Karim Nagar Broiler rates -70, Hyderabad Broiler rates -76,

Kurnool Broiler rates -71,Warangal Broiler rates -69,

Vizag Broiler rates -68, Godavari Broiler rates -69,

VijayWada Broiler rates -71, Guntur Broiler rates -73,

Chittur Broiler rates -75,

  • MAHARASTRA Broiler Poultry Bazaar bhav Rates

Kalyan Broiler Price-83,NASIK  Broiler Price -76,MALEGAON Broiler Rate-79,

KOlLHAPUR Broiler Price–80,PUNE Broiler Price-82,PARLI  Broiler Price-76,



  • BIHAR Broiler Poultry Bazaar Bhav-

( Least Rates are healthy wholesale Lifting rates)

PURNEA Broiler rate-68,DHARBHANGA Broiler rate-72,

BEGHUSARI Broiler rate-71,HAJIPUR Broiler rate-73,

BHAGALPUR Broiler rate-72,ARRAHA Broiler rate-73,

MUZAFFARPUR Broiler rate-71,

SASARAM  Broiler rate-73, SAMASTIPUR Broiler rate-72

  • PATNA Broiler rate-82,
  • MADHYA PRADESH Broiler Poultry Bazaar` Bhav

INDORE Broiler rates-76,Tandoori-100,

BHOPAL Broiler rates -77, Tandoori -103,

RATLAM Broiler rates-78,  Tandoori-94,

UJJAIN Broiler rates-79, UJJAIN  Tandoori-94,

JALAWAR Broiler rates -78,Tandoori-95,

GWALIOR Broiler rates-77,

GWALIOR Tandoori Rate -92-95,For More rates Scroll  Below.

JHANSI Broiler rates-77, JHANSI Tandoori Rate-92-95

JABALPUR – 70-72,Medium- 78-80,Tandoori-88, Gir Broiler rates-78,

  • Gujrat Broiler Poultry Bazaar Bhav-( Open Rates)

VALSAD Broiler rates-80,

MODSA Broiler rates-79

ANAND Broiler rates-75,Wankaner Broiler rates-74,

PALANPUR Broiler rates-78,AHEMDABAD-77

Broiler rates-77,HIMATNAGR Broiler rates-79,

,MANGROL Broiler rates-76,MAHUA Broiler rate-75,

JAMNAGAR Broiler rates -,BARODA Broiler rates -76,

BHARUCH Broiler rates-74,PALEJ Broiler rates -74

Kutch Broiler rates-.80

Uttar Pradesh Broiler Rates-

KANPUR Mandi Broiler rates ,Tandoori-( 1000-1400 gram )-105,

Medium (1450-1850) gram –95, Mota-92,2250 gram plus  –87,

Lucknow Murga Mandi Samiti Adat Rate– Small (1100g.- 1200g.) –108

Medium 1500 gram to 1700 gram —90

Mota ( 1900 g to 2200g)  – 88,

(मुर्गा उत्पादक सहकारी समिति,लखनऊ )

-Last Night

लखनऊ : ट्रेडिंग जोन*

तंदूरी 1100-1300 gram –100

मीडियम- (1400 से 1700 ग्राम तक)-88

मोटा- (1800 से 2400 ग्राम तक-84

सुमो- (2500 ग्राम एवं अधिक)- 82

Shaktimaan ( 3100 gram plus )-..

Awadh Poultry Association  Last Evening

Tandoori- ( 1100-1400)-105

Medium-(1400-2300) -86,

Mota-Free Zone

All Uttar Pradesh

Aligarh-80,Agra-82,Akbarpur-78,Allahabad Broiler rates -78,

Faizabad Broiler rates-79,AMETHI Broiler rates-79,

AZAMGARH Broiler rates-78,Varanasi  Broiler rate-79,

GORKHPUR Broiler rates-82,Bahraich Broiler rates-82,

Balrampur Broiler rates-79,Bareli Broiler rates-79,

JAGDISHPUR Broiler rates-78,LAKHIMPUR Broiler rates-82,

Sitapur Broiler rates-82,Fatehpur Broiler rates-75,

Jaunpur Broiler rate-80,Basti-81,Unnav-81,

Delhi Murga Mandi Poultry Broiler Rates  .

Mota 3 kg plus83 , Mota85,Medium-88

Tandoori-100 ,Vehicle65, Date  8-11-2018 Morning Rates

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( Rates Given on Zero responsibility)


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