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Evening Poultry Broiler and Egg price All India |Mysore,Barwala,Hospet,Haryana,Punjab,27 11 18


All India Broiler & Egg  Rate All India
Egg Rate 27-11-2018
Delhi  Egg Price  400
Hospet Egg Price  360
Vijaywada Egg Rate 380
Barwala Egg Rate  374-375
Mumbai Egg Rate  422
Punjab Egg Rate  400
Mysore Egg Rate  400
Chennai Egg Rate  410
Pune Egg Rate  405
Banglore Egg Rate  395
Chittur Egg Rate 413
All India Broiler  & Egg Price.


All India Broiler & Egg  Rates 
E.Godawari  Egg price    392
Vijag Egg price  389
Hyderabad Egg price  368
Ahemedabad Egg price  420
Surat Egg price  420(27-11)
Bhopal Egg price  395(27-11)
Kolkata Egg price  430 (27-11)
Vehicle  16
Returned  7
Indore Egg price 395 (27-11)
Warangal Egg price 372(27-11)
 Namakkal Egg price 390(26-11)
All India Broiler and Egg Price



All India Broiler & Egg  Rate.
Jabalpur Egg price  400(27-11)
Raipur Egg price  388(27-11)
Ajmer Egg price  382(27-11)
Karnal Egg price 381 (27-11)
Kanpur Egg price 428(27-11)
Lucknow Egg price 463(27-11)
Varanasi Egg price 443(27-11)
Allahbad Egg price  409(27-11)
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Lifting Broiler Rates of Below Area/KG
Odhisha Broiler Rate


Chhatisgarh Broiler Rate  73
Assam Broiler Rate  74
Kerla Broiler Rate 79
West Bangal Broiler Lifting Price
24(PGS)  78
Howrah Broiler Rate  78
Medinipur Broiler Rate  75
Darjiling  Broiler Rate  70
Alipurduar Broiler Rate  70
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All India Poultry  Broier and Egg Rates below
Delhi Murga Mandi 27-11-2018
Mota-  Mandi off
Vehicle Arrived
     Haryana Open Broiler Price

    (Opened By Big Groups)

Mota 91
Medium- 91
Tandoori 95
Cull Parent Bird 85


     Punjab Open Broiler Price-

    (Opened By Big Groups)

Mota 88
 Rajasthan Broiler  27-11-18
Singhana Broiler Price 92
Jhunjhunu Broiler Price 91
Sikar Broiler Price 91
Rigas Broiler Price 91
Jaipur Broiler Price 92
Ajmer Broiler Price  94
Opened By Big Groups-Not Final

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Kanpur Murga Mandi Broiler Price
Tandoori 1 Kg-1.5 Kg 110
1.550Kg-1.8 kg 100
1.850Kg Plus
2400 Gram Plus


Lucknow Murga Mandi Samiti Broiler price
Adat Rate 27-11-2018
Small 1.1Kg-1.2 Kg 115
Medium 1.5kg-1.7Kg 105
Mota 2Kg 102



Murga Utpadak Sahkari Samiti Lucknow
Tandoori 1 Kg-1.3Kg  100
1400 g-1.700g  95
Mota 1.8kg-2.2kg 95
2.3kg Plus  95
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Awadh Poultry Association Broiler Evening
Tandoori 1.1Kg-1.4 Kg  112
Medium 1.4-2.3 Kg  94
Mota 2.4 Kg Plus  Free zone


For Uttar Pradesh Broiler price Make Right Judgment From Above Price.

We Got Different Rates From Different Source

 Uttar Pradesh Mota Murga
Allahbad 86-88
Lucknow Broiler Price 90–92
Bahraich Broiler Price 88-90
Gorakhpur Broiler Price 93-94
Varanasi Broiler Price 92
Jagdishpur Broiler Price 87-90
Sitapur Broiler Price 92-94
Azamgarh Broiler Price 84-86
Faizabad Broiler Price 85-88
 Lakhimpur Broiler Price 92-94
 Balrampur Broiler Price 89-90
 Unnav Broiler Price 89-90
Basti  Broiler Price 87-90 
 Akbarpur Broiler Price 86-87
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Broiler Rate
Chittur Broiler Price  87
Chennai Broiler Price  80
Guntur Broiler Price  77
Godavari Broiler Price  78
Hyderabad Broiler Price 83
Karim Nagar Broiler 84
Kesla Broiler Price 86
Kurnool Broiler Price 83 
Vizag Broiler Price  69
 Vijaywada Broiler Price 77
Warangal Broiler Price   83
 Nellore 86 
 Ongle  81



Bihar Broiler Rates  (Big Groups) .             
Place  Price
Purnea Broiler Price 79
Dharbhanga Broiler Price 77
Beghusarai Broiler Price 75
Hajipur Broiler Price 76
Bhagalpur Broiler Price 76
Muzaffarpur Broiler Price 75
Sasaram Broiler Price 79
Samastipur Broiler Price 77
Patna  84
Arraha 80


Maharashtra Broiler  open  Price ) Check after some time for Fresh Price )
Mumbai  86
Malegaon  86
Nagpur  86
Nasik  86
Pune  87
Kolhapur  86
Panwel  Check Again For More rates 
Akola  84



Madhya Pradesh open Broiler Price.Morning Price/ For Evening Price Check Again.


Tandoori 106-110
Ratlam 91
Tandoori 106-110
Ujjain 93
Tandoori 107-110
Bhopal 90
Tandoori 104
Jalawar 94
Tandoori 105
Gwalior 93
Jhansi 93
Gir 95

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Gujrat Broiler  Rates Broiler  Open Price

Opened by big groups


Anand  93
Ahemdabad  95
Mangrol 96
Wankaner 95-96


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