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All Uttar Pradesh Rates and All India Broiler Chicken and Egg Wholesale rates 10-7-2018 Evening

Welcome To Poultry India TV For daily Poultry Bazaar Bhav of Broiler Poultry rates. ब्रायलर और अंडे के ताज़ा भाव ! ! 7-10-2018 Evening ब्रायलर भाव अंडे के भाव के नीचे है ! ( Egg Rates Below Broiler Rates ) Rates Are Healthy Whole sale rates ये थोक भाव मुर्गे के है ! भाव बदलते भी जाते है डिमांड के हिसाब से ! अपने विवेक से काम लें !

All Rates are Healthy Wholesale Price – Note- Egg rates are For 100 Egg in Wholesale From Farm Lifting Rates Egg Rates Egg/100 In India Rupees ( Today’s egg and BroilerPrice | Wholesale egg Prices | Egg price in chennai |Egg price | Open egg rate |Today’s egg rate ) Wholesale egg Prices | Egg price in chennai |Egg price | Open egg rate |Today’s egg rate ) /100 egg

Karnal-,349-351 Delhi Egg Rates-370 , Hospet Egg Rates -320, Vijaywada Egg Rates -352-362, Namakkal Egg Rates -340 ,Barwala Egg Rates -349/350, Mumbai Egg Rates – 389,Punjab Egg Rates -373 , Chennai Egg Rates -355 Pune Egg Rates -385 Banglore Egg Rates -355 , ,Gujrat ( Surat )- Egg Rates-372 Gujrat-, Hospet Egg Rates -, , , Chittur egg rate -,Vijag egg rate -,Hospet egg rate- , Bhopal-,355,Kolkata-405 , Jabalpur Egg Rates – 350( around ), Chhatisgarh -Raipur-353, Hyderabad Egg Rates – , Around , Rajasthan Egg Rates -345 , Indore-,360 Hyderabad cull Layer Price -58/kg , Chittur Layer Price – , Godavari Layer Price- , Hyderbad Layer Price- Please tell others about our Website Poultry India Tv dot Com to others & support us.

Tandooroi Mean -1100 Gram-1300 Gram, Medium Mean – 1400 1500 Gram-1800 Gram ,Mota -1800 Gram -2200 Gram , Super Mota Mean -2200 g + Jammu & Kashmir- Local Broiler- , Near Punjab Area Surrounding- Jharkhand Broiler Lifting Rates- Chhattisgarh broiler Bazaar – ,


Assam Broiler Rate-, West Bangal Broiler Rate – Karnataka Broiler rates-, Hubli Broiler rates- ,Belgaon Broiler rates–, Tamil Nadu Broiler rates-, Telangana Broiler retes-, Andra Pradesh Broiler rates-, Karim Nagar Broiler rates -, Hyderabad Broiler rates -, Kurnool Broiler rates -,Warangal Broiler rates -, Vizag Broiler rates -,Godavari Broiler rates -, VijayWada Broiler rates -, Guntur Broiler rates -, Chittur Broiler rates -,Odisha (Urissa) Broiler Farm Lifting rates Rates- CUTTUCK Broiler rates –,JAGATSINGHPUR Broiler rates-, PIPLI Broiler rates-,BHUANESWAR Broiler rates-,BHADRAK Broiler rates-, BALASORE Broiler rates-, ANGUL Broiler rates-,HENKANAL Broiler rates-, KEONJHAR Broiler rates-,Brahmur Broiler rates- Kerla Broiler rates-Thrissur Broiler rates-, Malappuram Broiler rates-, Cochin Broiler rates-,Trivandrum Broiler rates-, Calicut Broiler rates-

MAHARASTRA Broiler Poultry Bazaar bhav-Open Rates not Lifting Rates ) Kalyan-84, NASIK-84,MALEGAON-84,KOlLHAPUR –81 ,PUNE -83, PARLI -80-81,BEED-79-81,LATUR – 81,AURANGABAD-77-78, JALANA-77 ,MUMBAI- 78,MIRAJ -77,BARAMATI -79, NAGPUR-780 BIHAR Broiler Poultry Bazaar Bhav- ( Least Rates are healthy wholesale Lifting rates) DHARBHANGA Broiler rates-76-78,BEGHUSARI Broiler rates-76, HAJIPUR Broiler rates-77,BHAGALPUR Broiler rates-74, ARRAHA Broiler rates-76, MUZAFFARPUR Broiler rates-78, SASARAM Broiler rates-76, SAMASTIPUR Broiler rates-77-78, PATNA Broiler rates-80,PURNEA Broiler rates-73-74, MADHYA PRADESH Broiler Poultry Bazaar` Bhav

INDORE Broiler rates-74-76,Tandoori-90, BHOPAL Broiler rates -72, Tandoori -85,RATLAM Broiler rates-74-75, RATLAM Tandoori-80, UJJAIN Broiler rates-74-75, UJJAIN Tandoori price-90, JALAWAR Broiler rates -74, Tandoori-, GWALIOR Broiler rates-75, GWALIOR Tandoori Rate -90, JHANSI Broiler rates-74, JHANSI Tandoori Rate-88-90 JABALPUR Broiler rates-69-70, JABALPUR Broiler Tandoori Rates-84 Gir Broiler rates-,

Gujrat Broiler Poultry Bazaar Bhav by Broiler farmer Comitte ANAND Broiler rates-84 ,AHEMDABAD Broiler rates-85, Wankaner Broiler rates-, PALAMPUR Broiler rates-,,VALSAD Broiler rates-1, MODSA Broiler rates-,HIMATNAGR Broiler rates -, ,MANGROL Broiler rates-,MAHUA Broiler rate-, JAMNAGAR Broiler rates -,BARODA Broiler rates -, BHARUCH Broiler rates-,PALEJ Broiler rates -, Kutch Broiler rates- Delhi Poultry Broiler Rates -. Mota-68,Medium-70, Tandoori-78 ,Vehicle-85 Haryana Broiler rates –61 , For Medium -63 (Around), For Tandoori – For (Around)- Punjab Broiler rates –61-64 (Around )

RAJASTHAN Wholesale Broiler Chicken rates. SINGHANA Broiler rates-,JHUJUNU Broiler rates- , SIKAR Broiler rates-, RIGAS Broiler rates- , JAIPUR Broiler Rates -,AJMER Broiler rates- , PALSANA Broiler rates- , Uttar Pradesh Broiler Rates- (Least Rates are Lifting rates) – LUCKNOW ( Lucknow Murga Mandi Samiti Adat Rate) Broiler Tandoori Rate (1100-1200)-96 , Medium( 1400-1700 Gram ) -84 ,Mota (1800-2100 Gram) -80, Super Mota ( 2 Kg +) ,

Awadh Poultry Association cash rates – Tandoori- 88/Kg Medium- 78/Kg

मुर्गा उत्पादक सहकारी समिति,लखनऊ* *आज के नगद भाव: फार्मगेट* *दिनांक: 07/10/2018* *लखनऊ : ट्रेडिंग जोन* *तंदूरी- 88* (1100 से 1300 ग्राम तक) *मीडियम- 80* (1400 से 1700 ग्राम तक) *मोटा- 76* (1800 से 2400 ग्राम तक) *सुमो- 75* (2500 ग्राम एवं अधिक)

KANPUR Mandi Broiler rates –Mota-, Medium (1400-1700) gram – Tandoori- All Uttar Pradesh -72 -74

Aligarh-,Agra-, Akbarpur-,Allahabad Broiler rates -, Faizabad Broiler rates-, AMETHI Broiler rates,AZAMGARH Broiler rates-, Varanasi Broiler rate-,GORKHPUR Broiler rates-, Bahraich Broiler rates-, Balrampur Broiler rates-, Bareli Broiler rates-,JAGDISHPUR Broiler rates-, LAKHIMPUR Broiler rates-,Sitapur Broiler rates-, Fatehpur Broiler rates-, Jaunpur Broiler rate , Basti-,Unnav-, Note-: Poultry India TV provides daily rate updates for Broiler Rates. We don’t take responsibility of any rates difference. The rates we get, we update. Never copy pate share . Its violation of Copyright and punishment offence. If Share with Social media links than Its legal. Subscribe by filling your email I.D and Mobile number above for Regular rates on your email.s Please share this post through social media Whatsup,Facebook and others links only. Rate valid- 7-10-2018 Evening


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