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What is the Difference Between Organic Eggs and Normal Eggs ?

What is the Difference Between Organic Eggs and Normal Eggs ?

The answer of this question is always Controversial . But i clarify each and every aspect for better understanding.

Basically organic egg are the egg, which are produced by the birds, who are eating organic Food without any antibiotics /anticoccidials or any other hormones etc.

Second thing is organic eggs should get from the birds  reared in Open range not in cages. It is considered the bird in cage remain in stress and the quality of egg may be  better lesser

But now a days , some groups are keeping the birds in cages and providing feed without any Antibiotic/anticoccidials and other .They are giving feed to birds with additional herbs . Which increases the taste and quality of egg.But in this case bird is not in free range.

Huge demand of organic egg is fulfilled by thees types of eggs.Outer Color of egg may be brown or white. It only depend on Breed of Bird.

Now the most important aspect of quality. The bird in cages/commercial Deep litter are given minerals and Mutivitamins ,that also give impact on egg. What the bird is eating ,the result will also affect egg quality.

But in both cases either bird is free range or not, if bird has not been fed Antibiotic/anticoccidials and additional herbs given to birds along with poultry feed .its quality will be better.

Real organic egg is  when the egg got from the bird reared in open and having natural diet.



Why (Desi Murga) Country Chicken is Tastier Than Broiler Chickens ?

There are Two Main reason of better taste of (Desi Murga) Country Chicken than Broiler Chicken.

For reason one the following theory is applicable.

Commercial Broilers are reared for Fastest Growth . These breeds are not reared in free range and genetically designed for more weight in less time around 30-45 days.And Broiler always given a balance diet. Due to extremely less immune system these birds are given lots of vitamin minerals ,many vaccinations, anticoccidials,antibiotics as per requirements. In some country withdrawal period is not a big issue.

(withdrawal period  is time when  bird  is about to sell in market for human consumption and in this time no medication is given to birds )

The diet of  Broiler bird is always grains ,tallow,oil and meat and bone meal,dicalcium phasphate etc

What The bird is eating ? And these circumstances doesn’t allow them to develop a natural taste


Desi murga vs Broiler Chicken
Desi murga vs Broiler Chicken

On the other side Country Chicken (Desi Murga/Murgi ) are all native domesticated fowl and openly reared by local farmers on a small scale .

Different types of  breeds are Aseel, Kadaknath, and more.
The diet of  these types of bird is worms /insects and almost all natural things.
They are butchered when they reach age of maturity,after reaching the age of zero egg production or as per requirement . The maturity age of male bird is almost 6 Month plus.

By eating a different variety of natural diet and plenty of exercise ( it generate natural hormones in bird’d body ) and direct touch with nature. This  natural diet helps in developing the complexity of the meat’s flavor.

What bird’s is eating has direct impact has direct impact on its body.

Its just like organic, Birds reared without any antibiotics ,anticoccidial  and without any artificial supplements .


The second reason is- Commercial broilers  get mature in 30-45 days and its chicken is very soft and can be cooked in few minutes.

on the other side Country Chicken (Desi Murga/Murgi ) has long time of maturity and tough body. It takes huge time to cook.

While cooking many other ingredients are also used and more time in cooking allow other ingredients to leave extra flavor.

In short- Country Chicken (Desi Murga/Murgi ) are eating natural diet without any supplements and having more time in cooking gives a natural taste while broiler birds are fed many supplements and less time of maturity have no natural taste.

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Top 17 Winter Poultry Management Tips For best Profit and Results|Brooding Management in Poultry|First Seven Day Care Tips |

Winter Management In Poultry Easy Tips for Less Mortality and higher Growth rate.

1- Keep in mind Preheating of the shed must be done before 12 hours before receiving chicks.Initial temperature is required for best brooding is 95 degree Fahrenheit.

2- The Common mistake is measuring temperature from floor .Temperature  should not be measured from bottom of floor. If measuring from base of floor near litter it should be around Litter-95° Fahrenheit. In winter try to use the air of pending space in shed. Its better to use direct  cold air fro outside.



3- The Common mistake is Poultry farmers don’t provide good quantity of rice husk or wood powder for litter. Please note its for the comfort of bird and soak extra moisture.

So never compromise with bird’s comfort and management.



4- Space-.25 square feet must be given in initial stage and continuously to be increased.


5)-Round Brooding is considered best to avoid corners.Corners are the space , where birds gathered and increases the chance of mortality.

6- Papers or old News papers are used to avoid eating of Wooden powder or risk cover ,must not be removed before 3-4 days and 2 layers are considered best.



7- Brooding equipment must be well cleaned with good quality disinfectants including water pipes before receiving chicks.

8-It doesn’t matter which source you are using to generate heat . But it must no cause any gases formation in shed . Otherwise it will cause Ascites and other issues in poultry farm.

The main thing is is you are giving heat through electrical equipment ,than you  must have backup by alternative ways in case of power off.

9- Give Proper lights to all birds and light must be same and proper in all areas .

10- Double Curtains from sides one of Joot and of strong polythene to avoid direct cold air entry in poultry farm.



11-Ventilation in night time to remove CO2,CO, NH3 only through upper side of curtain . Never open all the curtain . In Day time always open curtains from the side , where your birds can get sunlight.

12- Add Dry Litter material if you feel any extra moisture in your poultry farm.


13-If sunlight or Light Sun heat you are feeling in shed ,you can increase space for birds. but remember in night time again decrease the space with 100% sure birds/Chicks must not over crowded and temperature is maintained in poultry shed.



14-A well trusted person or you must be present night time and keep on eye on temperature meter after every hour especially in first 7 days.First seven day best care of birds is half done of your success of full cycle.


15-Exhaust fans should be used to remove gases, with proper balance to maintain proper temperature . It will be give benefit of Less or Zero ascites’s Issue

16- Light intensity s/be 30-40 lux give better results in brooding time resulting better Growth in full life cycle of your poultry birds.


17-Never forget to maintain Humidity in poultry farm. Without Humidity maintaining temperature may be useless . Humidity of brooding area s/be 60-65%, after 3-5 days 50-60% .Humidity can be increased by using water pot near heating source to increase humidity and to be removed to decrease Humidity in Poultry Shed.

If you follow and succeed to follow the above instructions with best chicks quality and Crumbs feed and body weight achievement is 180+ gram average. You are winner and half done of success in this cycle in term of management and resulting less diseases in Poultry.

For more visit


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How Much Profit in Different Types of Poultry Farming with details |Different Types of Poultry Business |Poultry Knowledge |

Welcome To Poultry India TV for Easy and Professional Knowledge.Today’s topic is How Much profit in Different Types of Poultry Farm of  Different types of Poultry farming Like

1-Parent Birds Farming for Commercial Broiler and Layer.

2-Commercial Broiler Farming For Chicken.

3-Commercial Layer farming For Egg in Cages.

4-Layer Farming in Free Range/Deep Litter.

5-Backyard Poultry.

6- Other birds Like Turkey,Emu etc

7- Grand Parent Birds /Grand parent birds’s farming, Grand Parent/Grand Grand parent birds’s farming.

The Main question arises here . How Much earning in different type of poultry business  In India ?

This is not a such type of question, which can’t be answered in few words.

The basic thumb rules are . 1- Less competition more profit and second demand and supply  system . Which keep on changing day by day. Many different segments are available and profit/lose of each segment may be  different. Remember Poultry farming  is extremely risky business and full of giant players doing this business.

Popular Poultry Farming is of following types.

Details of All Type of Farming and profit Expectation in different Type of Poultry Farming.

1-Parent Birds Farming for Commercial Broiler and Layer– There are less than 1 % of poultry farmer are doing this business. As parent’s bird farming require high investment and running this type of business with investment of million to trillions.

You can’t expect to do this business in less capital .Minimum capital is required is multi million.

Now profitAs It has been noticed in this segment the chances of profit are more. But it may vary. If someone has the capacity of 50000 birds and it may have around 25000 chicks production in a day. Profit may be vary as per demand . It Some time touch, profit of Rs 20 Plus per chicks and Some time it can give lose of Rs 15 Per/chicks.

But if you take average its profit chances are more.

2-Profit in Commercial Broiler Farming For Chicken-Two possibilities are here one in Self Broiler Farming either on small scale semi automatic and either on large scale in automatic or Semiautomatic. Second in Contract farming of Broiler..

Profit-In Contract farming you will be paid 6-7 rupees per Kg. Example if you do contract farming of 10,000 bird and bird weight average 2.5 kg than total weght around or less than 25000 Kg multiply by 6- Mean Around or less than profit will be Around Rs 150,000 and 5 cycles in a year,you can expect from contract farming.Yearly Output around 7,50,000. But it requires your own farm and your own electricity( You will have to pay electricity bill and brooding cost will also suffered by you, after bird’s lifting litter(Finally the converted manure) is yours and you can sell it it can easily cover your brooding cost in summer. In winter brooding cost is extra.

Always In profit either less or more because some parameters are there depending on your management and others.( Farm’s capacity may be vary and it is compulsory farm must be your or belong to you.

Every company has its different rules and policies. So never be in hurry to sign the agreement.

     Profit in Self  Broiler Farming-Chicks Price keep change day by day may vary from Rs. 7 to Rs- 60 as per demand. Feed Price are getting high around Rs.28-Rs. 30

3.5 Kg Feed is required for around 2 kg bird. If every thing is fine. Mean if your bird’s are safe from any viral,bacterial and other natural disaster.Additional costing of brooding,electricity,vaccination and management etc. So Costing of broiler chicken birds is different for every different batch and when you sell the birds market is also different in every batches.which may vary from Rs. 45 to 120 per kg .No prediction of selling price. It keep changing in different areas and you can’t hold the bird for a long time to wait for increase in Price of chicken.

( It is very risky because small scale Poultry Farmers depend on others for feed ,chicks and for more.Which increases the cost for small scale farming.

3-Profit in Commercial Layer farming For Egg in Cages-This type of Poultry farming main target is to get egg, but when bird’s are out of production been sold in market for chicken,but less popular for chicken purpose.I found this business less risky and regular source of income.But initial cost to start this Layer farming is around Rs. 50 lac for 10,000 birds ( land cost extra ). For additional 10,000 birds of Layer farming around Rs. 30 lac is required. It may change depending upon automation.

Profit-Its profit also vary as per demand of eggs in market and your egg holding capacity in cold store either your own or rented. Some time egg is sold under Rs 3 and some time more than Rs. 4..The major chance of lose is, when any big attack of viral or bacterial diseases.

But average Layer Poultry Farming business is considered profitable most of the time

4-Layer Farming in FreeRange/Deep Litter– Kroiler birds, Commercial Layer,Kadaknath and more  are easy to get.Now a day kadaknath is becoming popular but in limited way . End your are not aware about Kadaknath chicken and egg quality, which is better than other stuffs. This type of poultry farming can be done for Both Chicken and Egg purpose.Its chicken is also popular and remain in demand. The brown eggs of some breeds are sold on premium rates.

Profit-Almost Profitable, if never compromise with vaccination and management.

5-Backyard Poultry – Van Raja,Kadaknath, Gram Priya,Kroiler and can be done in this type of poultry business. This can be start with 10 birds and can be increased as per resources available.

The aseel is fighter are also reared in backyard poultry.But original chicks are not available easily.The transportation and getting chicks is some time not easy , and if you get it may be possible, you will not get required quantity.

This type of poultry farming also can be done for Both Chicken and Egg purpose.

6-Turkey & Emu-

7- Grand Parent Birds /Grand parent birds’s farming, Grand Parent/Grand Grand parent birds’s farming and more are less popular and require a huge setup and huge experience of research and investment and considered mostly in profit because of less competition.


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Which Business is more Profitable Broilers or Layers (Egg Laying Birds ) ? Top Tip to Choose Poultry Business.

Which are More Profitable Business  Broilers or Layers (Egg Laying Birds ) ? Best Tip to Consider Poultry farming.

Many Factors You Must Keep in Your Mind than you can will find ,its vary for person to person.Layer farming may be

Profitable for someone and not beneficial for other. It depend on following factors. Its my research of more than 18 years.

You can Choose after reading this article.

Which is Better Layer and Broiler Farming
Which is Better Layer and Broiler Farming

1- Investment capacity

2- Land Availability & Location

3-Manpower Availability.



Broiler Poultry Farming
Broiler Poultry Farming

 Investment capacity -Broilers Farming require less capital and very easy to start. In one Year you can rear around 5 cycles.If your Poultry farm’s capacity is 10000 birds. You can rear around 50,000 birds in a year.

But in Layer bird’s one cycle is more than 1.5 years.

In Layer you have to wait for 6 Month to get egg in peak production. So More Investment required.

 In short If you have more capital to invest you have both option. For less capacity of capital its better to go with Broiler Farming .One more better option is backyard poultry with very less investment and better profit.

Land Availability& Location-Layer Farming require huge land.Broiler Farming require less area. Always remember , when you are going to sell broiler , you must be able to sell all birds with in few days.You can’t depend on Local Shops or people to consume it. But In Layer farming You have few days to hold the stock and

Manpower Availability- Layer farming require more manpower than Broiler Farming.

Conclusion- If you are having more land and more Investment than you can go for both Laying or broiler farming. For Less Investment broiler or Backyard is better. In Broiler farming you can go with contract farming also then its also better . Company will provide you chicks ,Poultry feed,medicine and more help.

But Always Remember ,If any unexpected disease attack on your poultry farm or market price is low as per your production cost ,You may be in huge lose. So Keep in mind this business is risky business. 

     For More Details in Hindi Visit our YouTube Channel Poultry India TV and  our Website Poultry India TV Dot Com.  


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Egg Farming First Step | Layer Farming Information Part-1| Deep litter or cage system| Poultry India TV |

Egg Farming First Step | Layer Farming Information Part-1| Deep litter or cage system| Poultry India TV |

First Stem of Egg Farming- You Must finalized the , Which type of Egg Farming , you Want to adopt.
1- Battery Cages.
2- Deep Litter/Open House.

Battery Cages- In Less Area You can rear, high number of birds.
Deep Litter- You Can rear less number of Egg Laying Poultry’s Birds.

Some advantages and disadvantages are there in both type of Poultry Farming, You must know and analyse.

Note- 1-In Battery Cages higher number of birds are reared in small area.
2-Less feed intake resulting more profit.
3-Easy management
4- You can recognize the birds not profitable because of less production.

5-It is easier to pick a bird from a cage for different purposes  ( like vaccination ,Lip cutting ) compared to pick a birds under deep litter system.

6-It is easier to evacuate waste in the battery cage system unlike the deep litter.

Disadvantages- Fatty liver ,Fat deposit in birds and Cage fatigue and some legal issue in Some area.

Under battery system, hens are reared  only to permit very limited movement and not allowed to move or sit comfortably.

In some countries its like raising birds in brutal way.

Deep Litter- You can rear brown egg, that are sold almost double than white egg. Free movement is also of advantage for the birds & less stress on bird , considered better quality of egg.

These eggs are in full demand. But pecking and egg eating are common practices under deep litter system, resulting loss of revenue.
Conclusion- If want to start in small scale go for deep litter and open house for brown egg farming and for large scale Commercial Layer Farming is better.
( Its your choice, Which one you choose ) .
It also depend on the cost of land in your area .
But always keep in mind poultry farm of every type must be minimum 500 meter away from population.

Subscribe For More and For Hindi Information Search Poultry India TV On Youtube

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Vanraja Breed detail with Feed Formulation |वनराजा मुर्गी पालन एक कम लागत और ज्यादा मुनाफे का सौदा ! जिसने किया वो कामयाब ही हुआ | Vanraja Breed detail with Feed Formulation |

वनराजा मुर्गी पालन एक कम लागत और ज्यादा मुनाफे का सौदा ! जिसने किया वो कामयाब ही हुआ | Vanraja Breed
Vanaraja is Multipurpose -purpose chicken( Fowl ) developed by the Project Directorate on Poultry in Hyderabad,.
India. Vanaraja is developed for rural communities for better profit and to complete protein requirement.

For Chicks Feed requirement is – Energy- 2400 Kcal, Protein – 16 %, Available Phosphorus- .35 %, Lysine- .77%,Methinine- .36 %, Calcium- .7% is required. Simple Layer Mash can be given after Bird start laying eggs with consultation of Good nutritionist .

Idea For Feed Formulation For Rural area & can be changed as per availability and as per advice of Nutritionist-

Suggested  Practical Rations for Vanaraja chicks:
Ingredients        Diet using CAW  Diet using rice kani  Diet using brewers’
dried grain
Ground maize            40.00                   30.00                            43.00
Cashew apple waste  10.00                       –                                   –
Soybean meal            20.00                  24.00                            21.00
Fish meal                   10.00                 10.00                              –
Broken rice                    –                     20.00                              –
Deoiled rice bran      19.00                    15.00                           13.00
Brewers’ dried grain     –                        –                                  20.00
Dicalcium phosphate   1.30                   1.20                              1.17
Lime stone                 1.12                    1.34                              1.21
Common salt              0.40                   0.50                              0.50
Best Quality Vitamin and
Mineral mixture          0.30                    0.30                              0.30


. Vanraja Breed can be reared in back yards on natural, scavenged food with minimal supplementation.T
This breed are multi-color feather pattern, immunity to disease, perform with less nutrition, grow faster and produce more eggs, produce brown eggs like local hens.

Vanaraja give their best performance when reared free range. They each produce up to 110 eggs per year, and weigh 1.0 to 1.2 kilograms (2.2 to 2.6 lb) at age 6 to ​6 1⁄2 months. Vaccination of native birds along with Vanaraja is recommended.
Excess body weight may reduce egg production. Vanaraja is a dual-purpose chicken variety developed by the Project Directorate on Poultry in Hyderabad, India.
This breed is multi-color feather pattern, immunity to disease, perform with less nutrition, grow faster and produce more eggs, produce brown eggs like local hens.

Vanaraja give their best performance when reared free range. They each produce up to 110-150 eggs per year, and weigh 1.0 to 1.2 kg at age 6 to ​6 1⁄2 months.

Excess body weight more than 2 kg reduces the production.. Vanaraja are mainly found in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh but Can be reared in Any Part especially in Climate like India..

Address For Vanraja Availability-


Address/Contact details

Director, ICAR Research Complex for Goa, Ela, Old Goa-403 402, Goa

Phone: (0832) 2284678/2284679 (O), 2284260

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PGCF GOLD | पोल्ट्री में तेजी से वजन बढाने और लगत घटाने वाला प्रोडक्ट ! PGCF GOLD |Top Growth Promoter For Poultry.

              Top Growth Promoter For Poultry.

पोल्ट्री में तेज़ी से वजन बढाने और बीमारियाँ कम हो ऐसा सप्लीमेंट !
अनेको पोल्ट्री किसान ये जानना चाहते है कि ,कोई ऐसा प्रोडक्ट बतायें जिसको पोल्ट्री फार्म पर डालें तो वजन ज्यादा मिले ,बीमारियाँ कम आयें ! ताकि मुनाफा बढाया जा सके ! हमें बहुत कंपनियों के द्वारा कई प्रोडक्ट्स के ट्रायल मिलते है ! लेकिन जिस भी पोल्ट्री किसान ने  PGCF GOLD का उपयोग किया उसे फायदा मिला है ! तभी अनेको किसान इस प्रोडक्ट को ले रहे है !
                      HEALTHY GUT HEALTHY BUSINESS

PGCF GOLD में मौजूद अच्छे  बैक्टीरिया शरीर में लैक्टिक एसिड छोड़ते है ,जिस वजह से बुरे,  बीमारी फैलाने वाले बैक्टीरिया कम ग्रो कर पाते है ! जिससे पोल्ट्री फार्म में बीमारियां कम आती है ! और ग्रोथ या अंडो की गुणवत्ता बेहतर होती है !

              पोल्ट्री किसान अनेको  ग्रोथ बढाने वाले प्रोडक्ट पोल्ट्री में उपयोग करता है !
इस तरह के अनेको प्रोडक्ट्स मार्किट में उपलब्ध है ! परन्तु  जिस किसान ने PGCF GOLD अपने पोल्ट्री फार्म पर अपनाया उसे अच्छी ग्रोथ मिली और पोल्ट्री फार्म पर बीमारियाँ कम आयी !
  यह प्रोडक्ट आँतों को स्वस्थ रखने में मदद करता है ! पाचन तंत्र बेहतर काम करने से पोल्ट्री में ग्रोथ अच्छी आयेगी !
PGCF GOLD उपयोग करने का तरीका !- PGCF GOLD को कभी भी  ( वैक्सीन से एक दिन पहले और एक दिन बाद छोड़कर ) ! चूज़े आने के दुसरे दिन से बर्ड को देना शुरू करें ! चूंकि PGCF GOLD प्रोडक्ट एंटीबायोटिक फ्री है ! तो आप इसे कभी भी दे सकते है !
          खासतौर पर अगर आप एंटीबायोटिक बर्ड को दे रहे है ! 20 वें दिन से 25 दिन पर ब्रायलर को यह प्रोडक्ट 1 ग्राम 1 लीटर पानी में  6 दिन दिया जाये तो बेहतर परिणाम देखे गए है ! एंटीबायोटिक देने के बाद भी 3 -4 दिन यह  PGCF GOLD दिया जा सकता है !
     अंडे देने वाली मुर्गी को भी इसी डोस में कभी भी दे सकते है ! इससे फार्म के मुर्गियों को फायदा होता है !  कंपनी से इस नंबर पर फ़ोन करके – 93549-12345 ले सकते है !

Composition- Composition of Strains:1. Bacillus Subtilis

2. Bacillus Licheniformis
3. Bacillus Megatherium
4. Lactobacillus Acidophilus
5. Saccharomyces Boulardii
6. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

7. Cellulomonas Uda

All strains will be provided at a concentration of 2000  Million  + CFU.

 The base material is  Dextrose Monohydrate.
आज ही इस प्रोडक्ट का आर्डर देकर अपने पोल्ट्री फार्म का मुनाफा बढायें ! कंपनी का Tin Number , GST नंबर तथा कंपनी रजिस्टर्ड है !
           यहाँ तक की संसार की सबसे बड़ी कंपनियों में से एक Amazon के साथ भी इनका टाई अप है ! आप सीधे कंपनी के खाते में पैसे जमा करवा कर PGCF GOLD मंगवा सकते है ! प्रोडक्ट की गुणवत्ता बेहतर है तथा कम्पनी की जिम्मेदारी हम पूरी तरह से लेते है ! 
यह प्रोडक्ट आँतों को स्वस्थ रखने में मदद करता है ! वजन बेहतर मिलेगा ! ग्रोथ अच्छी आयेगी !
PGCF GOLD उपयोग करने का तरीका !- PGCF GOLD को कभी भी ब्रायलर या मुर्गी को दे सकते है ( वैक्सीन से एक दिन पहले और एक दिन बाद छोड़कर )! 20 वें दिन से 25 दिन पर ब्रायलर को यह प्रोडक्ट 1 ग्राम 1 लीटर पानी में  6 दिन दिया जाये तो बेहतर परिणाम देखे गए है ! एंटीबायोटिक देने के बाद भी 3 -4 दिन यह  PGCF GOLD दिया जा सकता है !
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Price -850/Kg
Rate-780/kg, if Purchase direct from calling 93549-12345.
कम्पनी उधार भी देती है लेकिन कुछ Dealing के बाद ही !
डीलर के माध्यम से भी ले सकते है !
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Gramapriya is a breed of  backyard poultry or indoor poultry.|1000 Birds can lay egg of RS 20 Lac.

Gramapriya is a breed of  backyard poultry or indoor poultry ( Can Be reared both types ) developed by the Project Directorate on Poultry based in  Hyderabad .The Gramapriya starts laying eggs at an age of 175 days. In 72 weeks a Gramapriya chicken can lay 200 + Eggs.

Its egg  is widely preferred specially because of the pigmentation, taste, flavor and suitability for special dishes. It also provides  all essential amino acids and  special demand for brown eggs In India.

1.5-2.0 square feet floor space is required per bird.Its Not a big problem and birds can be free in Day time and in evening or in adverse condition like rainy or extreme winter or summer  bird’s remain in Indoor facility.


Feed consumption per bird.
1st week       -70 gm
2nd week      -140 gm
3rd week       -210 gm
4th week        -280 gm
5th week       -425 gm

6th to 8th  week – 560  gm.

birds are reared in the backyard they are more prone to parasitic infestation. Therefore, periodic deworming at 3-4 month gap  is considered good.

Age              Vaccine                                Dose                                      Route
1              Marek’s disease                                0.20 ml                              Subcutaneous
7              Ranikhet Disease (Lasota)            one drop                             Eye
18           Ranikhet Disease (Lasota)            one drop                             Oral
28           Ranikhet Disease (R2B)                 0.50 ml                              Subcut/Intramuscular

42           Fowl Pox                                              0.20 ml                            Intramuscular

   For small scale farming it’s preferred to go with ready made feed, because for small scale farming ,it very difficult to manage consistent quality with available source in different climate condition , which keep changes. But you can the formula as , its very easy.

  Note- If you get fail to maintain good feed formula or any mistake you do production can be dropped to 50-100 eggs and you can’t achieve profit.

             Brooding temperature and other preparations are like Broiler farming  95  0F in first week and should reduce 5  0F per week in successive weeks till 70  0F,  but feed formulation and little management is different.

Suggested  Practical Rations for Gramapriya chicks in nursery rearing:
Ingredients        Diet using CAW  Diet using rice kani  Diet using brewers’
dried grain
Ground maize                                     40.00
Soybean meal                                     19.00
Broken rice                    –                    18.00                              –
Deoiled rice bran                              13.00
Dicalcium phosphate                        2%
Lime stone                                           7%
Common salt                                    0.50
Vitamin and                                    As recommended by Company which sell this Vitamin Premix.

Mineral mixture                               As recommended by Company which sell this minerals.

Additionally you can add herbs to improve taste of egg and Immunity of Bird.


Awla dry powder ( Phyllantus emblica ) 1 kg/Ton of Feed can be used and Dry Haldi Powder ( (Curcuma longa) ) 300 gram/ton of  Feed

Summer management In Poultry Feed.

The increase in energy is best achieved by adding fat (oil) that stimulates feed intake and further improves the palatability of feed. Fat also reduces the rate of passage within the digestive system resulting less viscosity and better results.

·Minimizing the excess of amino acids improves feed intake

In Extreme winter A diet with very little lower protein levels with limiting amino acids will help in reducing stress to the kidney and also lowering of ammonia levels in poultry houses at time of Peak winter in early stage of Broiler life.
·Ammonium chloride supplementation through feed improves weight gain.
·Inclusion of potassium .5 kg / chloride 0.5 kg / MT feed in prestarter and starter diets is also useful

·Feed electrolyte balance should be maintained more than 250 mEq especially in the summer. ·Sodium bicarbonate addition in diet is beneficial

·Usage of Vitamin C (coated) at a minimum dose of 100g / MT of feed is advisable for better results.

Micro nutrient are also important never ignore it.

To maximize the performance rather than Antibiotic growth promoters are best tools to combat disease challenges and high immunity. An ideal combination of micro ingredients also helps to combat stres.

Selenium,biotin,chromium and other nutrients must be used like other minerals.

If you do this , quality of egg will be very much better,Production of bird will be also better with better immunity.

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Cannibalism | Pecking | Bird Biting Feather and Each Other | Reason and Solution |

Cannibalism ( Birds Biting Each Other ) happens, because of poor management and poor feed quality given to poultry birds. When birds become stressed and bird start begins picking the feathers, comb, toes or vent of another bird.

Open wound or blood is visible on the bird,  it attract bird to bite another bird. (more…)

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How To Control Ammonia Smell By Easy Way In Poultry Farm. | Solution For Ammonia Control |

                                          Ammonia in Poultry and Solution

General effect of ammonia gas

Ammonia gas has a characteristic pungent odour. Concentrations above 50 ppm is considered harmful.

High level can be irritating to eyes and mucous membranes of the respiratory track .This can cause Damage to the mucous membranes of the respiratory system.

This can increase the bird susceptibility to respiratory infection resulting less weight gain high feed intake .

Ammonia in Poultry can disturb immune system of the birds resulting more viral and bacterial infection.

The effect of ammonia gas on the mucosal surface of the trachea ranges from paralysis of cilia

(cilia are found in the lungs and  respiratory tract. These cilia are microscopic, hair-like structures  have a rhythmic waving or beating motion .. They work, for instance, to keep the airways clear of mucus and dirt, allowing birds to breathe easily and without  irritation..

When cilia become paralyzed or are lost due to high ammonia levels in the poultry house, mucus on the mucosal surface of the trachea cannot be cleared and bacteria on dust particles may reach the lungs and air sacs and cause infection.

Ammonia gas also has effect on Eyes of Poultry Birds . It can cause irritation to birds resulting less performance of bird. We can’t expect better performance from the birds are not in relaxed position.

Ammonia gas causes secondary infection such as mycoplasmosis and more.

Solution To Decrease or control Ammonia In Poultry Shed to increase profit in poultry Business.

Alum is normally applied at a rate of 5 to 10 percent by weight in the litter, In Litter we commonly use wood powder or rice cover.

Ensure the chickens do not consume the granules of alum that physically mixes well as powder into the litter. So  It’s better to use solid  powder Alum instead of liquid Alum.

Alum controls ammonia emissions by acidifying the litter resulting less growth of pathogen.

Like all acids, it should be treated with the proper respect. Applicators should always should wear dust mask to avoid breathing alum dust. Never try to contact alum with poultry equipments.

Gloves should also be worn when handling alum to prevent skin irritation. The acid in alum will be neutralized in the litter after two to four weeks depending on application rate. Thus there are no precautions needed for handling the litter at cleanout.

Application of alum in poultry shed or in  litter does not mean that ventilation can be completely stopped. Since birds generate a great deal of moisture throughout the life of the flock also cause Ammonia in Poultry. it is essential  to provide proper ventilation from day one.


Sufficient amount of litter must be used either rice cover or wood powder minimum 2-4 inches level.

Remember using alum not mean to compromise with quality of Litter . Always use dry and fungus free litter in poultry house.

While Racking add Wood ash around 1 kg in 100 square feet to prevent release of high ammonia and reduce moisture in Litter.

Immediately through wet litter from shed , never mix it during racking.

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How to Clean Poultry Water with Bleaching Powder | Dose Of Bleaching Powder |


        How to clean water With negligible expense ?

Poultry farmers are giving tank’s water to their birds.

Chlorination of water
water cleaning,

Quality of water must be good. If water is contaminated with virus or bacteria , it is sure you can’t expect best growth from Your Poultry ‘s Birds.

You can clean water tank with negligible expense. Please note carefully.
Purchase bleaching powder from market of best quality.
It will change the taste, but after some time it will be fine.
Many poultry farmers are using costly products to clean water ,I am not saying not to use that, Those we are using water tank can follow the given method.

Many other businessmen also follow this treatment to clean water from bacteria & virus.
But REMEMBER , if you have poultry farm never give this water before 2 or after 2 days after vaccination.
It kills virus & bacteria it also kills the Live virus of vaccine.

Bleaching powder cannot be used for cleaning purpose without proper calculations. Most of the people think that if they use large quantity of cleaning materials they feel safe and done proper job of it. Bleaching powder has chlorine in it and higher ratio affects health and is not safe for human consumption.

Wait for 2 hours and then test the chlorine level in the tank water to make sure it is near the 0.2 – 0.6 level.

First of all Bleaching Powder should not be added directly  in the tank, the solution should be prepared first and after keeping for 15-20 minutes it  should be used. Further generally in field practices.

Adding chlorine powder to water in a bucket, add it slowly and stir the water all the time. Keep stirring the solution in the bucket until all the chlorine has dissolved.Than put the solution in Water tank( Not directly ).Mix whole water with bamboo.

If any chlorine does get onto the skin or clothes, wash it off quickly with lots of water. The container used for measuring out the chlorine powder should be used only for that purpose.

Keep bleaching powder  away from children and food.

Chlorine level .2 ppm to  0.6 ppm level is good, it does not present a health problem. The high level of chlorine may make the water taste of chlorine and some people may not like this. If the water is needed for drinking, let it stand in an open container . This will allow the chlorine to escape. However, if it is going to stand in the open the water must be protected from contamination.

Dose-3-4 gram bleaching powder is sufficient for 1000 ltr.  & shake water with bamboo. within 15-20 minutes almost all the virus & bacteria will be finished.

if you want to add bleaching powder in a regular basis 2 grams for 1000 lit will be just sufficient.

This quantity should be dissolved in 20 liters of water and than it should be mixed in your tank. Instead of bleaching powder you can use Sodium Hydochloride solution.

Bleaching powder of strength 25 to 30%.Generally if the water is not so polluted the chlorine demand is 0.3mg.

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Waste Products use Tips for Backyard Poultry.

waste products to backyard poultry,
backyard poultry,

Backyard poultry farming is Low initial investment but higher economic return with best quality eggs and chickens.

Feed cost is negligible due to better utilization of agricultural by-products and waste feed and grains.

Egg and birds can be sold in local market with high price because of organic farming its always in high demand.And demand is growing more and more.Almost negligible labor cost adding .more benefits to it because home members can manage it well without any extra efforts.

The main aspect is to maintain quality of organic farming because birds are in zero stress condition and results are visible in all world .

Demand of organic  chicken and organic eggs is high. Consumer is also ready to pay high for organic poultry products.

Backyard Poultry is always profitable for everyone producing good quality egg and chicken. Feed formulation must be flexible for backyard poultry but that’s s not mean compromising with quality feed in term of energy and protein in poultry feed. Lack of energy ,protein and other necessary requirements can disturb the growth and egg production. Many comments we got,  regarding how to use waste of bread,biscuits ,noodles and others in backyard Poultry and other poultry feed.

Now move to the topic can we give waste products to Backyard Chickens.

If some one gets bi products like biscuits waste bread crumbs , waste bread or chapatis, waste potato chips.

Waste  can be used in Backyard poultry and in poultry feed formulation from 5 to 8 percent in poultry.

Biscuit  contain 4000 kilo calorie and 11 percent protein 16 percent oil .

Similarly noodles  waste contains 3800 k calorie energy 12 percent crude protein .

Potato chips contain 2200 k cal and 11 percent crude protein .

Bread contains 3200 k calorie and 12 percent crude protein.

But always remember if adding above waste in Backyard poultry feed never compromise with products using in poultry feed contaminated with fungus.

chicks price

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Top Management TIPS For Poultry Farmers to Get Best FCR and Production.

Top Management TIPS By Poultry Farmers to Get Best FCR and Production .

If Poultry farmers Don’t follow following steps they are in lose.If poultry farmers follow these steps,i assure you you will get best results in your poultry business.

1-Width of Poultry Shed  should be 25 feet and shed floor should be at least 2 feet above ground level.

2- Partition for every 500-600 sq. feet.

3-Provision of death pit for disposal of dead birds. Never Give Mortality to Dogs.

4- Always make arrangement For two water tanks One for medication and another for drinking water. Main water tank with capacity of 500 litres for every 1000 Birds & 100-200 Ltr for medication for 1000 Birds.

5-Side Curtains must be on both sided of your poultry farm..Outside Curtain must be synthetic and internal must be of Joot Bags. At time of high level of ammonia in poultry shed you can open Outer curtain 1-2 feet and internal Joot Curtain save birds from direct cool air.

6- Water availability throughout the year. Water quality and Hardness below 750 ppm, and PH laval between 6.0 to 8.5.

7- First 7 days maintain temperature between 90-95 Degree Fahrheit in your poultry shed & temperature meter must be note only 1 feet above to Floor level.

8-never leave corner in brooding periods. Make round circle .

9- Give space between .20-.25 square feet for each broiler’s bird during brooding period.

10- One Tube light for every 300 to 400 sq. feet and uniform distribution of  Light in your poultry shed..

11-Foot bath / dip with disinfectant for better bio security before entering in poultry shed..

12-Clean, disinfect and fumigate the poultry shed shed and all poultry related equipment well before the arrival of the chicks.

13-Check for the right temperature and humidity levels 24 hours prior to the arrival of the Chicks at your poultry farm.


Rice Husk or Wood powder must not be less than 2 Inch. & must be dry and fungus free. I hope these tips will help you .

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The Secret Herbal Formula For Poultry For Best Quality Egg and Chicken..

Today’s Topic Is The Secret Herbal Formula For Poultry For Best Quality Egg and Chicken.


Either you are in Organic Farming or Backyard Poultry .

The secret Formula by Poultry India TV  Will help to add more immunity & less disease resulting extra profit and best quality.

Not only in term of immunity but also  best quality Egg or Best quality Chicken You will get.

If You add Haldi( Turmeri Powder), Basil( Ocimum tenuiflorum), Trachyspermum ammi& Azadirachta indica( Neem Leaves) in your Poultry Feed to improve immunity.


Now Note The Dose- Haldi( Turmeri Powder)-300 gram , Dry Basil( Ocimum tenuiflorum)-300 gram, & Azadirachta indica( Dry Neem Leaves)-100 gram,Trachyspermum ammi- ( Ajawian 300 Gram)  Powder to Added In 1000 Kg of Broiler Feed resulting Less Fungal Disease & Better immunity.

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Nine Easy and Very Important Tips before receiving chicks at your Poultry Farm.

Today We will give you Nine Tips before receiving chicks at your

Poultry Farm.

Tip-9--Use Rice Cover or Dry Wood Powder Minimum 2-3 inches.

Tip-8--Ensure no smell in your poultry farm of disinfectants & other sprays.

Tip- 7-– Ensure Light management as small chicks need full Light.

Tip-6— Never forget generator backup. if electricity is not available .at least back up of Generator must be there. Small chicks can’t afford less light.( For Areas Which have chances of electricity failure.)

Tip-5- – Water quality must be best , Always give fresh water. In Winter Never Give Cold Water add warm Water In Cool Water ensure NOT COLD WATER..It will invite Gout Problem.

Tip-4 -Temperature- Keep your temperature meter ready. Temperature meter must be at the same height of bird to get right temperature.Remember temperature meter must not be hanging On top. Temperature must be ready before arrival of chicks before 2-3 hours .

Tip-3- Ventilation of carbon di oxide- The general mistake is sometime close the curtain too tight & proper ventilation is not possible.
This also effect bird’s performance , can cause Ascites(Water Belly)

Tip-2-–  Water & feed must be ready before chicks arrival. Remember Hygienic feeder Drinker help more to Broiler/Layer Birds Grow faster with better Livability in poultry Business.
Give cold water in Summer ( For Hot Areas ) & Not very cold in winter it should be like Luke warm water for better results & Faster growth of Broiler Birds & layer Birds For better performance.
Tip 1– In rainy season the problems are more, because of the  tight  curtains ,but when its rain some time it comes with heavy wind & can blow away curtains.
Than its difficult to control the bird, because once the bird got stressed the whole batch will in trouble resulting your profit in poultry farm is also in trouble.
Manage your curtains like , Heavy winds can’d do anything of Curtain of your poultry Farm.
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Why Poultry ‘s Bird Die Over Stomach. Ascites reason and Easy Solution.

Today again we are here to Discuss one more poultry Issues.The issue is Ascites.(Extra Water in Bird’s Stomach),
 Extra Water in Bird’s Stomach.Many farmer asked by commenting,their farms  are suffering from this problem.
 The amazing fact we found This disease occurs more  In Hill area & In  Winter more often in all areas.
                 In Summer it also effect. Now we will tell the reason & Than its Solution.
 First you should know,if you will know the reason,you can find out the solution easily.
 This Problem is because we are giving extra energy feed to the birds & high energy feed resulting extra load on bird’s metabolism.
  Some Time Blood capillaries are not able to manage excess  flow.
 Extra fluid start accumulating in Stomach.
 The red blood cell also also decrease & Extra fluid get accumulated in Bird’s Stomach.
Now The Basic Reasons of Water accumulation in bird’s stomach, The first reason is High Ammonia Laval in poultry .
  If there is extra ammonia in poultry farm than birds body will work  Extra to get more Oxygen.Than  lungs capacity get down & it will cause excess Fluid in Stomach.
            Some time dust particles are extra in Air, At the time of crop harvesting this problem occurs more often.
       Less Ventilation. There is Ammonia In Farm & Carbon dioxide in farm & You are not making throwing it out effectively .Than it cause Ascites.
          Some time it also been observed giving extra salt can increase this issue.Bird die on his belly side. When more weight in Stomach dues to extra fluid.
   if you see the lungs, it will be of light color ,Its job of Doctor to check, but if you see you will see this.
 You will also notice extra fluid in Stomach this is the simplest thing to notice the issue.
 The size of liver also get increase now moving to solutions.
  So that this cause don’t effect our Poultry farm. So Give fresh air to Birds.
 Use fan in  your poultry farm,Poultry farmer think there is no benefit in Summer because its not helping to overcome Heat in Poultry Shed.But it at least help to throw Ammonia & manage fresh air in Your Poultry’s Shed.
 You can use cooler( if having poultry farm in Very Hot Area)
     , it also give fresh air to birds.
 Reduce Little less energy in your poultry feed it also give good result in this issue.
 Mash feed also give good results in this issue, I am not saying to use mash feed,But many farmers got good results by using mash feed if suffering from ascites.
               The most important thing is use Vegetable source protein extra & Try to use less Animal Protein Like MBM & etc.This also decrease the issues of Excess  Water in Stomach.
    Comment & Share to to all relevant people to encourage us to come up with more topics of poultry.
Next Topic Will be Solution to treat Water belly If Poultry farmers Are already Suffering from this.
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