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Yolk Salk In Broiler and Easy Prevention and Treatment.

                         Yolk Sack Infection’s Prevention and Treatment

Yolk sac infection In Poultry also known as Omphalitis and main cause of death because of infection in newly hatched chicks .It may be possible chicks got infected during brooding in poultry farm or can be effected during incubation, while hatching

Some chicks with a yolk sac infection die within 24 hours of hatching and mortality can be continue upto 5-7 seven days and can become more severe. Some chicks can recover from this infection but can’t achieve desirable results.

Less immune system can make the bird’s are susceptible to other disease,if chicks are not able to properly  absorb the yolk sac .

The yolk of the egg is a source of  nutrients and protective antibodies for the chick for better immune system which helps chicks to fight disease resulting better output. When chicks are unable to absorb all of the nutrients, they will not be as strong and have a weakened immune system.Unhealed naval or open lesion, can makes the chick more susceptible to bacterial infection. When yolk sacs become infected.

Resulting yellowish-brown to green to yellowish red in color because of infection.

Loss of appetite.

Diarrhea,Vent pasting, Swollen abdomen.

Now Solution. First we discuss about precaution must be taken care on Hatchery level or Breeding Farm.

    Important Tips For Breeders To Store Eggs For less Chances of Yolk Sack Infection

1- Follow a First in First out  system. Egg Shifting To Cool Room First ,Must be out First.

2-Always Use three-tier racks to store Hatching eggs in the cool room for better air circulation and hygiene management.

3- Window gate system with a wooden door is always better to avoid egg thermal shock caused by frequent opening of the cool room.

4-Spray or mop recommended disinfectants for a minimum of two times in a day. High dose and non recommended disinfectants can cause severe lose.

5- Insulated cool room is must with automatic door closer to maintain temperature levels.

6-Bring the room temperature to the required level half an hour before the eggs are placed.

7-Record the cool room temperature and relative humidity every hour, it helps to avoid any mistakes timely . The temperature should be maintained at 60 to 62°F and RH% should be in the range of 70 to 75% .

8-Thermometer must not be near wall or near any bulb.

9-Proper gap between Boxes is better for proper circulation resulting better results.

10-Make sure eggs reaching to cool room within 1 hour to cool room from

breeder farms .

11- Proper cleaning and fumigation of hatching eggs is Must. Take it very seriously.Otherwise not only effect your profit but also effect Broiler Poultry farmer’s Profit.

12-Never do incubation of dirty eggs or eggs with eggshell defects.

13-High humidity levels during incubation can cause Yolk sack infection . So proper management of humidity must be taken care

14- never do mistake by Assisting chicks out of their shells, let the chicks hatch on their own.

Line Of Treatment – If Some One Poultry’s Birds are Suffering From Yolk Sack Infection. Give Jaggery Water. Jaggery 1 kg for 1000 birds. Sodium Bicarbonate 1 Gram Per Liter , Ammonium Chloride 2 Grams Per Liter ..
Give Inj Gentamycein and  chloramphenicol Pure 7  Gms Per 1000 Chicks In Divided Doses Plus Multivitamins in water For 4 Days.

Dr Surinder Khanna
Dr Surinder Khanna

Treatment suggested by retired Famous consultant Dr. S.K. Khanna ( India )

Note- Never treat the bird without consultation of your consultant and use dose adviced by Consultant.

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How To Control Ammonia Smell By Easy Way In Poultry Farm. | Solution For Ammonia Control |

                                          Ammonia in Poultry and Solution

General effect of ammonia gas

Ammonia gas has a characteristic pungent odour. Concentrations above 50 ppm is considered harmful.

High level can be irritating to eyes and mucous membranes of the respiratory track .This can cause Damage to the mucous membranes of the respiratory system.

This can increase the bird susceptibility to respiratory infection resulting less weight gain high feed intake .

Ammonia in Poultry can disturb immune system of the birds resulting more viral and bacterial infection.

The effect of ammonia gas on the mucosal surface of the trachea ranges from paralysis of cilia

(cilia are found in the lungs and  respiratory tract. These cilia are microscopic, hair-like structures  have a rhythmic waving or beating motion .. They work, for instance, to keep the airways clear of mucus and dirt, allowing birds to breathe easily and without  irritation..

When cilia become paralyzed or are lost due to high ammonia levels in the poultry house, mucus on the mucosal surface of the trachea cannot be cleared and bacteria on dust particles may reach the lungs and air sacs and cause infection.

Ammonia gas also has effect on Eyes of Poultry Birds . It can cause irritation to birds resulting less performance of bird. We can’t expect better performance from the birds are not in relaxed position.

Ammonia gas causes secondary infection such as mycoplasmosis and more.

Solution To Decrease or control Ammonia In Poultry Shed to increase profit in poultry Business.

Alum is normally applied at a rate of 5 to 10 percent by weight in the litter, In Litter we commonly use wood powder or rice cover.

Ensure the chickens do not consume the granules of alum that physically mixes well as powder into the litter. So  It’s better to use solid  powder Alum instead of liquid Alum.

Alum controls ammonia emissions by acidifying the litter resulting less growth of pathogen.

Like all acids, it should be treated with the proper respect. Applicators should always should wear dust mask to avoid breathing alum dust. Never try to contact alum with poultry equipments.

Gloves should also be worn when handling alum to prevent skin irritation. The acid in alum will be neutralized in the litter after two to four weeks depending on application rate. Thus there are no precautions needed for handling the litter at cleanout.

Application of alum in poultry shed or in  litter does not mean that ventilation can be completely stopped. Since birds generate a great deal of moisture throughout the life of the flock also cause Ammonia in Poultry. it is essential  to provide proper ventilation from day one.


Sufficient amount of litter must be used either rice cover or wood powder minimum 2-4 inches level.

Remember using alum not mean to compromise with quality of Litter . Always use dry and fungus free litter in poultry house.

While Racking add Wood ash around 1 kg in 100 square feet to prevent release of high ammonia and reduce moisture in Litter.

Immediately through wet litter from shed , never mix it during racking.

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How to Clean Poultry Water with Bleaching Powder | Dose Of Bleaching Powder |


        How to clean water With negligible expense ?

Poultry farmers are giving tank’s water to their birds.

Chlorination of water
water cleaning,

Quality of water must be good. If water is contaminated with virus or bacteria , it is sure you can’t expect best growth from Your Poultry ‘s Birds.

You can clean water tank with negligible expense. Please note carefully.
Purchase bleaching powder from market of best quality.
It will change the taste, but after some time it will be fine.
Many poultry farmers are using costly products to clean water ,I am not saying not to use that, Those we are using water tank can follow the given method.

Many other businessmen also follow this treatment to clean water from bacteria & virus.
But REMEMBER , if you have poultry farm never give this water before 2 or after 2 days after vaccination.
It kills virus & bacteria it also kills the Live virus of vaccine.

Bleaching powder cannot be used for cleaning purpose without proper calculations. Most of the people think that if they use large quantity of cleaning materials they feel safe and done proper job of it. Bleaching powder has chlorine in it and higher ratio affects health and is not safe for human consumption.

Wait for 2 hours and then test the chlorine level in the tank water to make sure it is near the 0.2 – 0.6 level.

First of all Bleaching Powder should not be added directly  in the tank, the solution should be prepared first and after keeping for 15-20 minutes it  should be used. Further generally in field practices.

Adding chlorine powder to water in a bucket, add it slowly and stir the water all the time. Keep stirring the solution in the bucket until all the chlorine has dissolved.Than put the solution in Water tank( Not directly ).Mix whole water with bamboo.

If any chlorine does get onto the skin or clothes, wash it off quickly with lots of water. The container used for measuring out the chlorine powder should be used only for that purpose.

Keep bleaching powder  away from children and food.

Chlorine level .2 ppm to  0.6 ppm level is good, it does not present a health problem. The high level of chlorine may make the water taste of chlorine and some people may not like this. If the water is needed for drinking, let it stand in an open container . This will allow the chlorine to escape. However, if it is going to stand in the open the water must be protected from contamination.

Dose-3-4 gram bleaching powder is sufficient for 1000 ltr.  & shake water with bamboo. within 15-20 minutes almost all the virus & bacteria will be finished.

if you want to add bleaching powder in a regular basis 2 grams for 1000 lit will be just sufficient.

This quantity should be dissolved in 20 liters of water and than it should be mixed in your tank. Instead of bleaching powder you can use Sodium Hydochloride solution.

Bleaching powder of strength 25 to 30%.Generally if the water is not so polluted the chlorine demand is 0.3mg.

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Reason of Less Demand Of Chicken In Sawan/Shraawan.

Why there is less demand of Broiler & Egg in Shraaawan ( Sawan ) Indian Month.

Shraaawan ( Sawan )  is the fifth Month of the Hindu calendar . Śrāvaṇa is the fifth month of the Hindu year, beginning in late July from the first day of the full moon and ending in the third week of August.

Old Poultry farmers know it well.
You will get all the answer of you Question.

shravan or sawan

See the Devotion or faith in God Bholenath. Even Devotees are with their kids.
They are wearing saffron color dresses & everyone know Hindu religion believe in non violence. That’s not mean Hindu people don’t eat Chicken or Mutton,But They keep themselves away from Non Vegetarian food.  If there is any religious activity & even if any of family’s member is taking part in religious activity. Whole family try to keep them  away from Non vegetarian food.

Devotee Go by foot & get Holy Ganga Water to devote on Shivling.
This attempt Is for to pay respect to their God Shiva .
When i traveled more than 350 Km & i saw the peak of devotion really peak of devotion,
There was not a single second,when i miss any devotee, even they were having Holy water weight & some devotees having heavy Sculpture of their God Bholenath.
Peak of Devotion ,Even ladies,Girls are also included,In trolleys they were having food material & Clothes with them.

The Line is unbreakable.

shraavan Devotees
shraavan Devotees

You Will feel mostly Young generation involved  in this .
Old people are very less, Where ever you see you will find devotees & devotees,
In North India there is not a single villages, which has not a group of Devotees.Small Girls are also moving to tribute Holy Ganga Water for God Bholenath. Some Vans are for to help devotees, when they get injured or can’t move , The people in van help devotees. There are tents,these tents are to give free  food to devotees,I traveled around 350 KM from Haridwar not a single Dhaba(Restaurant ) was open to sell food.I found they were giving Sealed snacks like but not food,They told us we are serving food in free.This is really peak of

shraavan Month

faith or devotion. Devotees are moving by foot & others are serving them by food .

Finally at this time Hindu people don’t like to eat Chicken or Non Veg.Those who take non vegetarian food they left in this Indian Month Sawan /Shraawan. When millions of devotees are busy to get  Holy Water to pour on Shvling & it effect the Non Vegetarian Demand. Even their family knows their Son or daughter is on way of holy cause they also leave Non Vegetarian food  or Egg, resulting less demand of Chicken in NORTH INDIA.

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Should We Adopt Cage System In Broiler Poultry Farming ?

As regular we are here for new topic on Poultry farming

What are the Disadvantages of cage in Broiler Poultry Farming. Many Poultry farmer rear birds in Deep Litter But some Poultry farmers rear Broilers in Battery cages.

The First disadvantage is Extra heat, As Some Countries’s  Environment is more hot than western countries.

Broiler’s Bird Cages are made of Iron or aluminium. So it get more hot & can cause extra mortality.Because broiler Birds are more sensitive to heat.
Second Electricity backup is must In Cage System for Broiler Poultry Farming without electricity backup you can’t  manage your broiler ‘s birds . If backup is not there In cage system of Broiler farming forget this system.

If environment is  too hot or too cold  & if you can’t manage proper temperature for broiler birds, It can cause huge mortality.

The  Deep litter System ( Where birds are reared on simple floor ) you simply take broiler’s birds out from Farm in very less time , But In cage system its little tough to deal than deep litter.

The other demerit of cage system in broiler bird is Cage Fatigue, The broiler bird’s in Cage & bird’s  can’t move freely, The Stress is there.

The main drawback is initial expense is too high.
In Deep litter it is very economical but Cage’s expenses of whole building is very high  & it can reach up to 4-5 times of Deep litter system. If You are going to open a farm in initial stage and not sure about profit ? Never think about Cage’s System in Broiler Poultry farming.

Upcoming more important topics will be on Poultry along with advantage of Cage System in Poultry.

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Latest Breed of Broiler Poultry Gives 2 Kg Weight in 35 Days.Full Easy details Vencobb 400Y

Latest Breed of Broiler Poultry Gives 2 Kg Weight in 35 Days.Full Easy details Vencobb 400Y. 

Weight Gain By Broiler Poultry’s Bird First Week. (Weight gain in ground and depend on management,Chicks quality and Best feed Quality. )

Weight Gain by broiler Bird in first week – 195 Gram. Feed Consumption 165 gram. It might be little difficult to digest, but its reality. Feed intake by broiler bird is less than its body weight.

The One Day Chicks received by poultry farmer is around 40 gram.

Weight Gain by broiler Bird in Second week- Average Feed Intake around 465 gram weight gain is around 430 gram.

Weight Gain by broiler Bird in third week-Average Feed Intake around 1040  gram weight gain is around 860 gram.

Weight Gain by broiler Bird in fourth  week- Average Feed Intake around 1900  gram weight gain is around 1410 gram.

Weight Gain by broiler Bird in fifth  week- Average Feed Intake around 2940  gram weight gain is around 2000 gram.

Weight Gain by broiler Bird in Sixth Week- Average Feed Intake around 4200  gram weight gain is around 2625 gram.

(Weight gain in ground and depend on management,Chicks quality and Best feed Quality. )

its because of latest genetic and research. Best of luck for making best broiler chicken breed for poultry. Hope you will share with social media links to get best knowledge to adopt best breed .

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Tips To Vaccinate Poultry’s Birds For Best Results

1- Use Ice Box or modern thermos for Vaccine transportation with Extra ice.
2- Always vaccinate the Poultry in early morning.Morning is better than evening as in rural area if
electricity problem occurs. If can be dangerous if electricity gone & Vaccine’s water become normal ,
Can cause vaccine failure.
3- Before starting vaccination wash hand with soap than again wash nwith normal water again.
4- Make the syringe ( If Using) and related equipment Germ Free. Note- Never Forgot to wash again with Normal Water.
5- First Thing is Basic Distilled Water. Never use chlorinated water or water having disinfectant’s content.
(Distilled water is best water than Simple Water.)
6- Mix the vaccine with water in a cool place.( Always Avoid Direct Sunlight.)
7- Always Keep some Extra ice around the pot in which you mix the vaccine.
8- Give it to the birds as soon as possible without any delay.
9- Pending Vaccine remain in the drinkers or pot, then put it under soil ( Never throw it.)
10- If birds is not healthy. Don’t vaccinate.
11- Always Check the date expired vaccine.
12- Always follow the suggestion of the manufacturer company..
13- If vaccinating orally to birds then stop serving water minimum half hours before vaccination to birds.
14- Give Multivitamin to Poultry Birds for 2-3 days before vaccination.
Note- Stop Giving Multivitamins before 1-2 day before vaccination.
I hope it will help you. Keep sharing with Concern Person.

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