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Poultry Feed Formulation management Important Tips for Better FCR and less Mortality

Poultry Feed cost represents an expense of 70-85%  of broiler production cost.
Formulating feed ideally requires depth knowledge and many trails based on many parameters such as the energy level to be maintained in the diet, balancing the amino acid profile and electrolytes of feed ,climate,Breed and availability of Raw material in local area. (more…)

Poultry Feed Ingredients Complete Details. | Poultry feed Formulation |

Now a days Pallet or crumbs are used in Poultry Feed .But earlier years ago ,it was not popular in poultry business.

The reason is in earlier years genetic strength of chicken was not so good and requirement of Energy and protein was not so high because of poor or less growth.

But now Broiler gain around 2 kg or more in 35 days only. So Broiler bird need very much balance feed diet and not only limited to Energy and protein  ,but also need balance amino acid level with balance micro nutrients.

Its  a start of headache for small scale poultry farmers to manage best matching or required Poultry feed formulation  , it is not a child’s game to manage feed formulation as a number of factors are involved in this, and a highly technical work, Like Materials quality , knowing their composition , Seasonal effects, storage , Availability, Proper laboratory tests, proper mixing and still a lot other like which breed you have in your poultry farm . Breeds are Cobb-400,Cobb-500,Cobb 400Y, Hubbard and more .

As all breed have different nutrition requirements and following ingredients are required to manage fast growth and complete  nutrition.

1- Maize

2-Bajra (Millet)

3-Soyabean Cake

4-Ground Nut Cake(GNE)

5-Meat and Bone Meal (MBM).

6-Di calcium Phosphate.

7-Musturd Cake

8-Rice Polish.


10-Phytase ,

11-Choline Chloride


13-Sodium Butyrate

14-Sodium Chloride(Salt).

15-Sodium Bicorbonate

16-Gut Acting


18-Liver Tonic

19, IMMUNO VET FORTE (Important)

.20- Emulsifier




24-Toxin Binder


26-Marbal Powder

Never Forget To Add Immuno Vet Forte for better Immunity and Growth.

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Broiler Feed Formulation Important Changes In Summer.

What Feed Formulation Changes You Should Do in Your Poultry Feed In Summer to Control Mortality & Better weight Gain & the Best time to remove chicken feeder away from Poultry’s Birds.

Today Topic is what changes should we do in our Poultry Farm to reduce Mortality or stop mortality in Your poultry Farm. Many poultry farmers are asking when feeders or feed to avoid to our poultry birds. & some farmers are asking about changes in feed formulation.

Poultry farmer thinks when it will be too hot Than we will withdraw feed from Birds.But it is too late because birds already consumed feed. So the right time in summer to withdraw feed is around 10 AM morning & again Give Feed around 4 P: M. ( It’s for Hot area where Temperature touches 40 degrees.

One problem usually occurs with Gut Disorder. Be prepared for this. Zinc Bacitracin, Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate are options. Some More Options are also available. These have less effect of antibiotic on Broiler chicken & Eggs because of Long Chain Antibiotics.
Its Found very effective to Reduce the Protein by 1.5 to 2% in feed formulation. But the oil of good quality should be increased by 1.5- 2%. Never miss Vitamin C in Summer. It will help to maintain immunity on Hot Days.

The main concern is many layer farmers or feed suppliers are missing antioxidants in Feed formulation. Please note in Summer bird’s body produce extra free radicals & not good for Poultry farming.

So never miss antioxidants in Poultry Feed to prevent Mortality & heat stress.
Betain is also best in Summer. So never avoid Betain as per recommended dose of Manufacturer. Always give Coldwater otherwise can cause heat stroke. Never avoid water tank. It must be in cool place or cover it with wet Clothes or Empty joot bags to avoid direct touch with Sun Heat.

I am sure if you follow Feed Formulation changes & Feed withdraws as well as precautions. It will surely help you to prevent or control Mortality in Broiler/Layer/Breeders & Turkey in Summer’s peak temperature.

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