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What is the Difference Between Organic Eggs and Normal Eggs ?

What is the Difference Between Organic Eggs and Normal Eggs ?

The answer of this question is always Controversial . But i clarify each and every aspect for better understanding.

Basically organic egg are the egg, which are produced by the birds, who are eating organic Food without any antibiotics /anticoccidials or any other hormones etc.

Second thing is organic eggs should get from the birds  reared in Open range not in cages. It is considered the bird in cage remain in stress and the quality of egg may be  better lesser

But now a days , some groups are keeping the birds in cages and providing feed without any Antibiotic/anticoccidials and other .They are giving feed to birds with additional herbs . Which increases the taste and quality of egg.But in this case bird is not in free range.

Huge demand of organic egg is fulfilled by thees types of eggs.Outer Color of egg may be brown or white. It only depend on Breed of Bird.

Now the most important aspect of quality. The bird in cages/commercial Deep litter are given minerals and Mutivitamins ,that also give impact on egg. What the bird is eating ,the result will also affect egg quality.

But in both cases either bird is free range or not, if bird has not been fed Antibiotic/anticoccidials and additional herbs given to birds along with poultry feed .its quality will be better.

Real organic egg is  when the egg got from the bird reared in open and having natural diet.



Dr Rajesh Kumar Singh | Poultry Expert | Poultry India TV |

Dr Rajesh Kumar Singh born on 12th May 1974 in Siwan district of Bihar   .He completed his schooling from Khalsa high school, Kolkata and did his  BVSc.&AH from Odissa veterinary college Bhubaneshwar in 2000. Dr singh has served poultry sector of India through
         companies like venkys,  JAPFA & Suguna for more than 7 years bearing the responsibility under various capacities. presently he is serving as a  Veterinary  officer in the Government of Jharkhand.  He is credited to have publication of  more than 1000 popular articles  based on livestock and poultry knowledge in various Web portal, social media, magazines and journals of national and international fame . He is also associated as a life member of
                            various professional societies like Indian poultry science Association, Indian society for veterinary medicine etc. He is honorary associated with several social organizations, NGOs , imparting training, demonstration and other need based activities for livestock & Poultry farmers, entrepreneurs, unemployed youth and professional . He has received recognition from Govt. of India
                      for his commendable work in knowledge sharing and livestock based journalism. He is the Editor in chief of the magazine PASHUDHAN PRAHAREE.  He has authored 10 books
Address and Contact Details.
 Dr Rajesh kr singh.
Flat no 5174, 7th Floor, Block no 51, Narmada Apartment, Vijaya Gardens, Baridih, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. 831017
Mobile- 9431309542, 8271455864
0657 2343642



Status of Poultry Industry in India

India with a population of 1.35 billion people is highly focusing on “Development” i.e. Good Food, Better Health & Living conditions for everyone. With the increase in the incomes, people can now afford better nutrition and hence, since last two decades the demand for eggs and chicken is growing.

The recent data of the year 2017 states that the egg production in India is 78 billion and the broiler production is 4.2 million tonnes per annum. The growth rate of layer market is 6-7 percent per annum. and broiler market is 8-10 percent per annum. Approx. 75 percent of egg production is contributed by commercial poultry farms, remaining comes from household/backyard poultry.




Total poultry feed production of the country stands at 22 million tonnes. The Indian poultry sector is valued at INR  1.25 lakh cr or USD 15.58 bn.

In coming years, poultry production and consumption in India is predicted to grow due to various factors such as a shift in food habits, urbanization, increasing awareness of balanced nutrition etc. The broiler meat consumption pattern shows that around 62 percent of meat is consumed in major 10 cities and rest of the consumption comes from other cities with a smaller percentage from villages.


Growth opportunities and challenges—–India is leading with 10 percent in the poultry growth followed by Brazil with 7 percent, the USA with 2.1 percent and China with 2 percent.Recommendation of National Institute of Nutrition suggests per capita consumption should be 180 eggs and 11 kg meat while actual consumption is 69 eggs and 3.9 kg chicken meat.There are many challenges like transportation, waste management, use of green energy,


disease diagnosis etc. that might affect the further growth of the sector. Land scarcity is another major issue in India while some Animal Welfare Organizations are proposing a ban on cage rearing, Indian poultry farmer finds it difficult to rear the birds in open range units.


Food Processing in India————



Various industry reports suggest the market size of Indian food industry is expected to cross USD 540 billion in 2020 from USD 193 billion in 2016, the sector is growing at 12 percent per annum.

The government states that the farm to kitchen chain is going to change in India, like elsewhere, with increased agricultural production, better storage facilities, more food processing and changing consumer food preferences. At present only approx. 10 percent of the agricultural produce is processed in the country which presents the huge market potential of India. Government schemes like FDI (foreign direct investment) allowance in food processing sector, cold chain etc. would support the further development of the processing sector hence Poultry processing sector.

Under the policy initiatives of the Indian government towards doubling the income of farmers by 2022, poultry sector is going to be a major contributor. As it is most organized of all agricultural sectors in India, with increasing demand for egg and chicken in the country, it will further evolve into a vibrant and modern industry.


Poultry Industry in India—


  • The Poultry Business in India is a very old practice and this food industry is one of the important contributors to the economy of rural and semi-urban India. India ranks seventeenth in the world poultry production index.
  • Further, India is the 3rd largest producer of eggs and 6th largest producer of poultry meat amongst all the countries.
  • Indian Poultry Industry is 5,000 years old, since last 4 decades it began to witness remarkable growth from backyard to poultry industry.
  • The organized sector of poultry industry is contributing nearly 70% of the total output and the rest 30% in the unorganized sector.
  • The broiler industry is well dominated in southern states in our country with nearly 60-70% total output coming from these states.
  • The layer industry once again is represented more in southern states especially, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra producing nearly 70% of the country’s egg production.
  • India’s 75% of egg production consumed by the 25% population living in urban, semi-urban areas. Presently more than 900 hatcheries are operating in the country.
  • India has emerged as the only country in the developing world a self-reliant, technology driven industry, with capability to produce every essential input for successful poultry farming including indigenous genetic resource and breeding, world class poultry vaccines and medicines, specific pathogen free eggs (SPF), farms and hatchery automation systems, pelleted feed, egg processing, poultry processing, nationwide network of disease diagnostic laboratories and facilities for entrepreneurial development and training in both private and public sectors


*We are producing world class eggs and poultry produce by adopting world best practices and technology. Today we are getting even 330 eggs per bird as par USA production, this indicates that the poultry birds are provided conducive and   comfort environment resulting best production.

Benefits of poultry farming——–


The poultry farming is very versatile agro-business and it provides some benefits. They are

  • It was source of high quality human food. Egg is not only supports in nutritive value, nut also it is very easily digested and cab be served indifferent ways. Of this also used in many ways like binders and levering agents in banking and furnishes richness in ice-cream, sauces, curlards and candues
  • Poultry farming is highly adaptable under various conditions. It fits well in mixed farming system to provide continuous income to the farmers during their lean periods and also helps to engage their family labor profitable throughout the year.


It provides employment avenues. There are many diversified types of business allied poultry farming like egg production, broiler production. All these business can develop as rural industries, which will have many avenues of employment of rural side particularly among educated unemployed and under-employed persons.

  • Poultry waste is an excellent source of organic manure, which can utilized for growing field crops. It estimated that of the poultry manure utilized properly, it could produce more food grains them the birds consume as feed.
  • It serves as source of raw materials for industrial products. Eggs have many industrial uses in preparation of vaccines, varnished printers land, soap, shampoo etc. Eggshells are using as minerals in animal feed. Endocrine glands of birds are using for preparation of hormones and any other biological preparations.



But sorry to say that in spite of world class infrastructure and poultry farming practices our Poultry farmers will have to soon end battery cage farming and go for cage free egg farming as the Law Commission of India has asked the Centre to notify the rules framed in 2012 to prohibit battery cage farming of egg laying hens.

The Law Commission which reviewed laws on the transport and rearing of poultry birds as per the request of the Ministry of Law and Justice informed the ministry that though rules were framed in 2012 for protection of egg laying hens and broiler chickens they have not been notified.

The panel felt that although the Animal Welfare Board of India had clarified in 2012 that confining hens in battery cages violates the provisions of Section 11(1)(e) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, most poultry farmers are allowing battery cages.

The law panel pointed out that hens used for the production of eggs are reared in small wire cages called battery cages, a name given due to the arrangement of cages placed side by side. The battery cages are so small that the birds are unable to stand up or spread wings without touching the sides of the cage or other hens or circle without impediment.


The panel pointed out that the floor space available to each hen was approximately 623.7 cm2, that is almost the area of a sheet of A4 paper and a typical egg farm in the our country contains thousands of cages with thousands of birds, stacked many tiers high.

The Law Commission noted that this method of rearing hens leads to sore feet, abrasions, broken bones and other injuries to the birds.

It also increases the risk of the birds contracting contagious diseases necessitating the administration of drugs.

The commission felt that the implications of caging broilers raise several concerns, and therefore broiler battery cages should be replaced with cage-free rearing to improve stocking density, feed, and hygiene.

The panel asked the Center to include stringent punishments in 1960 Act as existing provisions prescribed only fines.

Legal circles expect the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Egg Laying Hens) Rules, 2017 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Broiler Chicken) Rules, 2017 would be notified soon by the Center.

Once these rules come into force nobody can engage in poultry farming without registering with the animal husbandry department of the state.

The poultries will be allowed to operate only after certification by the animal husbandry department that the farm is cage-free.


This means there will be  collapse of the layer poultry sector in India and more than 6 million people who are engaged in this profession will loose their job , become unemployed , there will be shortage of eggs in the market  wich will result high pricing of egg rate and chances of MNCs to inter in the Indian market to sell their poultry produce after damaging our own industry. Apart from this there will be a great challenge for  India to  fight with hunger and mal nutrition. Industrial poultry production/caged production generates more employment than higher welfare production

Eggs are a high quality (complete) protein. Eggs must be affordable (cages are required to keep them affordable).Eggs must be affordable (cages are required to keep them affordable)

There is a need to continue increasing egg production efficiency and production. Increased production minimizes malnutrition

Proportion of the population that is malnourished in India is the highest in the world (40%). More than 1/3 of the world’s malnourished children live in India.

The present availability of eggs is still far below the Indian Council of Medical Research recommendations of 180 eggs per capita per annum.


If Indian Govt enforce legislation then there will be up to a 90% shortage in supply. This shortfall can’t be replaced by imports from  other  country. As a result prices would rise and consumption fall as consumers move to alternative protein sources.

Lower socio economic groups in India are generally less likely to be concerned about animal welfare and more likely to be concerned about food security.  The ban on  battery cage system for layer poultry farming in India will certainly jeopardise national food security.


Economic effects ——-


It is concluded that non‐cage systems incur costs of production that are at least 600 percent higher than conventional cages due to:

  • Higher feed costs (due to more feed consumption per bird and fewer eggs per bird)
  • Higher mortality
  • Higher direct housing costs (because there are fewer birds per flock and fewer marketable eggs over the life of the hen entering the flock)
  • Higher labor costs (due to fewer birds per flock, i.e. a higher unit cost)

*Increased threat of imported egg products from outside  India As the majority of food manufacturers buy raw materials purely on price, they may look to import costly products from outside India

*Increased production costs

*Higher spread of diseases

*Weaker bio security and



*10 times more space requirements as compared to battery cages

*FCR and production will be very poor.

*Production will slashed down drastically making it uneconomical .

* Quantity of production will be drastically decreased leading to 6 times egg cost from present rate.

*Egg will become out of reach to the poor people n will be a dish to reach people.


Even  WTO rules do not allow members to restrict trade in products based solely on the method of production (e.g. on animal welfare grounds) .Developing countries in particular fear that animal welfare production standards will be used as an excuse for protectionism. The above demonstrates the difficulties producers face when forced to implement higher welfare standards over other countries.

So  this is the high time for the people/ organizations  engaged in the poultry farming sector in India must come together and put the real problem before the Govt so that this conspiracy   fabricated by foreign funded NGOs could be avoided.  These NGOs are same as HUMAN RIGHT organizations who come in support of anti nationals and defame our security forces. So ,our honorable courts  should take care of these people before giving verdicts .

More over the aim of our PM to do the double the farmer’s income by 2022 could only be possible through the practice of

commercial  poultry farming  must not be banned the battery cages only on the behest of NGO’s propaganda.

Yes its a matter of Discussion , must be discussed and to be end with a win win situation for all Indian Poultry farmers and the farmers who are indirectly depend on Poultry farmers and never forgot to millions of livelihood , who are dependent on Poultry farmers directly on Indirectly. 

Its my personal views and for the welfare of poultry industry and mainly the above words are for the better India and Well Employed Indian. 

Jai Hind.


Top 17 Winter Poultry Management Tips For best Profit and Results|Brooding Management in Poultry|First Seven Day Care Tips |

Winter Management In Poultry Easy Tips for Less Mortality and higher Growth rate.

1- Keep in mind Preheating of the shed must be done before 12 hours before receiving chicks.Initial temperature is required for best brooding is 95 degree Fahrenheit.

2- The Common mistake is measuring temperature from floor .Temperature  should not be measured from bottom of floor. If measuring from base of floor near litter it should be around Litter-95° Fahrenheit. In winter try to use the air of pending space in shed. Its better to use direct  cold air fro outside.



3- The Common mistake is Poultry farmers don’t provide good quantity of rice husk or wood powder for litter. Please note its for the comfort of bird and soak extra moisture.

So never compromise with bird’s comfort and management.



4- Space-.25 square feet must be given in initial stage and continuously to be increased.


5)-Round Brooding is considered best to avoid corners.Corners are the space , where birds gathered and increases the chance of mortality.

6- Papers or old News papers are used to avoid eating of Wooden powder or risk cover ,must not be removed before 3-4 days and 2 layers are considered best.



7- Brooding equipment must be well cleaned with good quality disinfectants including water pipes before receiving chicks.

8-It doesn’t matter which source you are using to generate heat . But it must no cause any gases formation in shed . Otherwise it will cause Ascites and other issues in poultry farm.

The main thing is is you are giving heat through electrical equipment ,than you  must have backup by alternative ways in case of power off.

9- Give Proper lights to all birds and light must be same and proper in all areas .

10- Double Curtains from sides one of Joot and of strong polythene to avoid direct cold air entry in poultry farm.



11-Ventilation in night time to remove CO2,CO, NH3 only through upper side of curtain . Never open all the curtain . In Day time always open curtains from the side , where your birds can get sunlight.

12- Add Dry Litter material if you feel any extra moisture in your poultry farm.


13-If sunlight or Light Sun heat you are feeling in shed ,you can increase space for birds. but remember in night time again decrease the space with 100% sure birds/Chicks must not over crowded and temperature is maintained in poultry shed.



14-A well trusted person or you must be present night time and keep on eye on temperature meter after every hour especially in first 7 days.First seven day best care of birds is half done of your success of full cycle.


15-Exhaust fans should be used to remove gases, with proper balance to maintain proper temperature . It will be give benefit of Less or Zero ascites’s Issue

16- Light intensity s/be 30-40 lux give better results in brooding time resulting better Growth in full life cycle of your poultry birds.


17-Never forget to maintain Humidity in poultry farm. Without Humidity maintaining temperature may be useless . Humidity of brooding area s/be 60-65%, after 3-5 days 50-60% .Humidity can be increased by using water pot near heating source to increase humidity and to be removed to decrease Humidity in Poultry Shed.

If you follow and succeed to follow the above instructions with best chicks quality and Crumbs feed and body weight achievement is 180+ gram average. You are winner and half done of success in this cycle in term of management and resulting less diseases in Poultry.

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How Much Profit in Different Types of Poultry Farming with details |Different Types of Poultry Business |Poultry Knowledge |

Welcome To Poultry India TV for Easy and Professional Knowledge.Today’s topic is How Much profit in Different Types of Poultry Farm of  Different types of Poultry farming Like

1-Parent Birds Farming for Commercial Broiler and Layer.

2-Commercial Broiler Farming For Chicken.

3-Commercial Layer farming For Egg in Cages.

4-Layer Farming in Free Range/Deep Litter.

5-Backyard Poultry.

6- Other birds Like Turkey,Emu etc

7- Grand Parent Birds /Grand parent birds’s farming, Grand Parent/Grand Grand parent birds’s farming.

The Main question arises here . How Much earning in different type of poultry business  In India ?

This is not a such type of question, which can’t be answered in few words.

The basic thumb rules are . 1- Less competition more profit and second demand and supply  system . Which keep on changing day by day. Many different segments are available and profit/lose of each segment may be  different. Remember Poultry farming  is extremely risky business and full of giant players doing this business.

Popular Poultry Farming is of following types.

Details of All Type of Farming and profit Expectation in different Type of Poultry Farming.

1-Parent Birds Farming for Commercial Broiler and Layer– There are less than 1 % of poultry farmer are doing this business. As parent’s bird farming require high investment and running this type of business with investment of million to trillions.

You can’t expect to do this business in less capital .Minimum capital is required is multi million.

Now profitAs It has been noticed in this segment the chances of profit are more. But it may vary. If someone has the capacity of 50000 birds and it may have around 25000 chicks production in a day. Profit may be vary as per demand . It Some time touch, profit of Rs 20 Plus per chicks and Some time it can give lose of Rs 15 Per/chicks.

But if you take average its profit chances are more.

2-Profit in Commercial Broiler Farming For Chicken-Two possibilities are here one in Self Broiler Farming either on small scale semi automatic and either on large scale in automatic or Semiautomatic. Second in Contract farming of Broiler..

Profit-In Contract farming you will be paid 6-7 rupees per Kg. Example if you do contract farming of 10,000 bird and bird weight average 2.5 kg than total weght around or less than 25000 Kg multiply by 6- Mean Around or less than profit will be Around Rs 150,000 and 5 cycles in a year,you can expect from contract farming.Yearly Output around 7,50,000. But it requires your own farm and your own electricity( You will have to pay electricity bill and brooding cost will also suffered by you, after bird’s lifting litter(Finally the converted manure) is yours and you can sell it it can easily cover your brooding cost in summer. In winter brooding cost is extra.

Always In profit either less or more because some parameters are there depending on your management and others.( Farm’s capacity may be vary and it is compulsory farm must be your or belong to you.

Every company has its different rules and policies. So never be in hurry to sign the agreement.

     Profit in Self  Broiler Farming-Chicks Price keep change day by day may vary from Rs. 7 to Rs- 60 as per demand. Feed Price are getting high around Rs.28-Rs. 30

3.5 Kg Feed is required for around 2 kg bird. If every thing is fine. Mean if your bird’s are safe from any viral,bacterial and other natural disaster.Additional costing of brooding,electricity,vaccination and management etc. So Costing of broiler chicken birds is different for every different batch and when you sell the birds market is also different in every batches.which may vary from Rs. 45 to 120 per kg .No prediction of selling price. It keep changing in different areas and you can’t hold the bird for a long time to wait for increase in Price of chicken.

( It is very risky because small scale Poultry Farmers depend on others for feed ,chicks and for more.Which increases the cost for small scale farming.

3-Profit in Commercial Layer farming For Egg in Cages-This type of Poultry farming main target is to get egg, but when bird’s are out of production been sold in market for chicken,but less popular for chicken purpose.I found this business less risky and regular source of income.But initial cost to start this Layer farming is around Rs. 50 lac for 10,000 birds ( land cost extra ). For additional 10,000 birds of Layer farming around Rs. 30 lac is required. It may change depending upon automation.

Profit-Its profit also vary as per demand of eggs in market and your egg holding capacity in cold store either your own or rented. Some time egg is sold under Rs 3 and some time more than Rs. 4..The major chance of lose is, when any big attack of viral or bacterial diseases.

But average Layer Poultry Farming business is considered profitable most of the time

4-Layer Farming in FreeRange/Deep Litter– Kroiler birds, Commercial Layer,Kadaknath and more  are easy to get.Now a day kadaknath is becoming popular but in limited way . End your are not aware about Kadaknath chicken and egg quality, which is better than other stuffs. This type of poultry farming can be done for Both Chicken and Egg purpose.Its chicken is also popular and remain in demand. The brown eggs of some breeds are sold on premium rates.

Profit-Almost Profitable, if never compromise with vaccination and management.

5-Backyard Poultry – Van Raja,Kadaknath, Gram Priya,Kroiler and can be done in this type of poultry business. This can be start with 10 birds and can be increased as per resources available.

The aseel is fighter are also reared in backyard poultry.But original chicks are not available easily.The transportation and getting chicks is some time not easy , and if you get it may be possible, you will not get required quantity.

This type of poultry farming also can be done for Both Chicken and Egg purpose.

6-Turkey & Emu-

7- Grand Parent Birds /Grand parent birds’s farming, Grand Parent/Grand Grand parent birds’s farming and more are less popular and require a huge setup and huge experience of research and investment and considered mostly in profit because of less competition.


Which Business is more Profitable Broilers or Layers (Egg Laying Birds ) ? Top Tip to Choose Poultry Business.

Which are More Profitable Business  Broilers or Layers (Egg Laying Birds ) ? Best Tip to Consider Poultry farming.

Many Factors You Must Keep in Your Mind than you can will find ,its vary for person to person.Layer farming may be

Profitable for someone and not beneficial for other. It depend on following factors. Its my research of more than 18 years.

You can Choose after reading this article.

Which is Better Layer and Broiler Farming
Which is Better Layer and Broiler Farming

1- Investment capacity

2- Land Availability & Location

3-Manpower Availability.



Broiler Poultry Farming
Broiler Poultry Farming

 Investment capacity -Broilers Farming require less capital and very easy to start. In one Year you can rear around 5 cycles.If your Poultry farm’s capacity is 10000 birds. You can rear around 50,000 birds in a year.

But in Layer bird’s one cycle is more than 1.5 years.

In Layer you have to wait for 6 Month to get egg in peak production. So More Investment required.

 In short If you have more capital to invest you have both option. For less capacity of capital its better to go with Broiler Farming .One more better option is backyard poultry with very less investment and better profit.

Land Availability& Location-Layer Farming require huge land.Broiler Farming require less area. Always remember , when you are going to sell broiler , you must be able to sell all birds with in few days.You can’t depend on Local Shops or people to consume it. But In Layer farming You have few days to hold the stock and

Manpower Availability- Layer farming require more manpower than Broiler Farming.

Conclusion- If you are having more land and more Investment than you can go for both Laying or broiler farming. For Less Investment broiler or Backyard is better. In Broiler farming you can go with contract farming also then its also better . Company will provide you chicks ,Poultry feed,medicine and more help.

But Always Remember ,If any unexpected disease attack on your poultry farm or market price is low as per your production cost ,You may be in huge lose. So Keep in mind this business is risky business. 

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EColi Sympoms and Prevention in Poultry |Escherichia Coli Infection Information | Poultry Disease Ecoli | How to Prevent Ecolai in Poultry |

             Escherichia Coli Infection Popularly Known as E- Coli-  infections are commonly triggered by Immuno suppression  or by week management in poultry farm.

  • It also can spread in poultry birds through fecal contamination and through contaminated eggs.
  • Symptoms-  Symptoms may very , depending on the severity of disease and environment. But some symptoms of E-Coli are Ruffled feathers,
  • depression, Less feed intake, coughing, and change of voice in breathing .
  • Ecoli Symptoms and Prevention .
    Ecoli Symptoms and Prevention .
  • Some time Yellowish colored droppings.


( When you check the bird a thick light yellow layer near heart can be seen.

Poor Growth or Poor Production is normal if bird get affected by E-Coli.


Prevention-  Increased dust and ammonia levels and higher litter moisture  irritate the respiratory epithelium and provide an opening for E. coliinfections.

 So Never Compromise with dry Litter and try to give less stress of overcrowding , always give optimum  temperature to your poultry birds and never run in bird’s area or after bird.

Either you are running a breeding farm or hatchery, never compromise with hygiene and management otherwise your mistake can transfer E-colai to birds either you are brooding them or any other poultry farmer.

Light dose of Multivitamins and minerals additionally also help bird to combat stress.

Never compromise with micro nutrients  like chromium and selenium dose in Poultry feed.

Always give fungus free and good quality feed for less stress to birds.


   Finally the most important, in most of cases  E-Coli is secondary disease in Poultry. When bird is affecting with any other disease E-coli find space for it. So During vaccination take every best precaution and care  as much you can and never ever miss any vaccine to birds.


Treatment- Many antibiotics are used to cure Ecolai in poultry depending on the past history of antibiotic used and depending on the availability. Colistin Sulphate also given but it depends on rules and regulations of your country and local policies to use different antibiotics. 

                     I tried to provide very simple knowledge.  In last never forget- Prevention is better than cure.   For more Poultry knowledge- visit 

Egg Farming First Step | Layer Farming Information Part-1| Deep litter or cage system| Poultry India TV |

Egg Farming First Step | Layer Farming Information Part-1| Deep litter or cage system| Poultry India TV |

First Stem of Egg Farming- You Must finalized the , Which type of Egg Farming , you Want to adopt.
1- Battery Cages.
2- Deep Litter/Open House.

Battery Cages- In Less Area You can rear, high number of birds.
Deep Litter- You Can rear less number of Egg Laying Poultry’s Birds.

Some advantages and disadvantages are there in both type of Poultry Farming, You must know and analyse.

Note- 1-In Battery Cages higher number of birds are reared in small area.
2-Less feed intake resulting more profit.
3-Easy management
4- You can recognize the birds not profitable because of less production.

5-It is easier to pick a bird from a cage for different purposes  ( like vaccination ,Lip cutting ) compared to pick a birds under deep litter system.

6-It is easier to evacuate waste in the battery cage system unlike the deep litter.

Disadvantages- Fatty liver ,Fat deposit in birds and Cage fatigue and some legal issue in Some area.

Under battery system, hens are reared  only to permit very limited movement and not allowed to move or sit comfortably.

In some countries its like raising birds in brutal way.

Deep Litter- You can rear brown egg, that are sold almost double than white egg. Free movement is also of advantage for the birds & less stress on bird , considered better quality of egg.

These eggs are in full demand. But pecking and egg eating are common practices under deep litter system, resulting loss of revenue.
Conclusion- If want to start in small scale go for deep litter and open house for brown egg farming and for large scale Commercial Layer Farming is better.
( Its your choice, Which one you choose ) .
It also depend on the cost of land in your area .
But always keep in mind poultry farm of every type must be minimum 500 meter away from population.

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              Top Growth Promoter For Poultry.

पोल्ट्री में तेज़ी से वजन बढाने और बीमारियाँ कम हो ऐसा सप्लीमेंट !
अनेको पोल्ट्री किसान ये जानना चाहते है कि ,कोई ऐसा प्रोडक्ट बतायें जिसको पोल्ट्री फार्म पर डालें तो वजन ज्यादा मिले ,बीमारियाँ कम आयें ! ताकि मुनाफा बढाया जा सके ! हमें बहुत कंपनियों के द्वारा कई प्रोडक्ट्स के ट्रायल मिलते है ! लेकिन जिस भी पोल्ट्री किसान ने  PGCF GOLD का उपयोग किया उसे फायदा मिला है ! तभी अनेको किसान इस प्रोडक्ट को ले रहे है !
                      HEALTHY GUT HEALTHY BUSINESS

PGCF GOLD में मौजूद अच्छे  बैक्टीरिया शरीर में लैक्टिक एसिड छोड़ते है ,जिस वजह से बुरे,  बीमारी फैलाने वाले बैक्टीरिया कम ग्रो कर पाते है ! जिससे पोल्ट्री फार्म में बीमारियां कम आती है ! और ग्रोथ या अंडो की गुणवत्ता बेहतर होती है !

              पोल्ट्री किसान अनेको  ग्रोथ बढाने वाले प्रोडक्ट पोल्ट्री में उपयोग करता है !
इस तरह के अनेको प्रोडक्ट्स मार्किट में उपलब्ध है ! परन्तु  जिस किसान ने PGCF GOLD अपने पोल्ट्री फार्म पर अपनाया उसे अच्छी ग्रोथ मिली और पोल्ट्री फार्म पर बीमारियाँ कम आयी !
  यह प्रोडक्ट आँतों को स्वस्थ रखने में मदद करता है ! पाचन तंत्र बेहतर काम करने से पोल्ट्री में ग्रोथ अच्छी आयेगी !
PGCF GOLD उपयोग करने का तरीका !- PGCF GOLD को कभी भी  ( वैक्सीन से एक दिन पहले और एक दिन बाद छोड़कर ) ! चूज़े आने के दुसरे दिन से बर्ड को देना शुरू करें ! चूंकि PGCF GOLD प्रोडक्ट एंटीबायोटिक फ्री है ! तो आप इसे कभी भी दे सकते है !
          खासतौर पर अगर आप एंटीबायोटिक बर्ड को दे रहे है ! 20 वें दिन से 25 दिन पर ब्रायलर को यह प्रोडक्ट 1 ग्राम 1 लीटर पानी में  6 दिन दिया जाये तो बेहतर परिणाम देखे गए है ! एंटीबायोटिक देने के बाद भी 3 -4 दिन यह  PGCF GOLD दिया जा सकता है !
     अंडे देने वाली मुर्गी को भी इसी डोस में कभी भी दे सकते है ! इससे फार्म के मुर्गियों को फायदा होता है !  कंपनी से इस नंबर पर फ़ोन करके – 93549-12345 ले सकते है !

Composition- Composition of Strains:1. Bacillus Subtilis

2. Bacillus Licheniformis
3. Bacillus Megatherium
4. Lactobacillus Acidophilus
5. Saccharomyces Boulardii
6. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

7. Cellulomonas Uda

All strains will be provided at a concentration of 2000  Million  + CFU.

 The base material is  Dextrose Monohydrate.
आज ही इस प्रोडक्ट का आर्डर देकर अपने पोल्ट्री फार्म का मुनाफा बढायें ! कंपनी का Tin Number , GST नंबर तथा कंपनी रजिस्टर्ड है !
           यहाँ तक की संसार की सबसे बड़ी कंपनियों में से एक Amazon के साथ भी इनका टाई अप है ! आप सीधे कंपनी के खाते में पैसे जमा करवा कर PGCF GOLD मंगवा सकते है ! प्रोडक्ट की गुणवत्ता बेहतर है तथा कम्पनी की जिम्मेदारी हम पूरी तरह से लेते है ! 
यह प्रोडक्ट आँतों को स्वस्थ रखने में मदद करता है ! वजन बेहतर मिलेगा ! ग्रोथ अच्छी आयेगी !
PGCF GOLD उपयोग करने का तरीका !- PGCF GOLD को कभी भी ब्रायलर या मुर्गी को दे सकते है ( वैक्सीन से एक दिन पहले और एक दिन बाद छोड़कर )! 20 वें दिन से 25 दिन पर ब्रायलर को यह प्रोडक्ट 1 ग्राम 1 लीटर पानी में  6 दिन दिया जाये तो बेहतर परिणाम देखे गए है ! एंटीबायोटिक देने के बाद भी 3 -4 दिन यह  PGCF GOLD दिया जा सकता है !
     मान लीजिये आपके पोल्ट्री फार्म पर 1000 लीटर पानी लग रहा है तो 1 किलोग्राम  PGCF GOLD Double Strength ), 1/2 किलोग्राम  सुबह तथा 1/2 किलोग्राम को शाम के पानी में दें ! टंकी की बजाय सीधे ड्रिंकर्स  के साइड में बराबर मात्रा में सुबह और शाम को दें ! आपको फायदा खुद नज़र आने लगेगा !
सीधे  इस नंबर पर फ़ोन करके – Mobile No.- 93549-12345  से ले सकते है !
Price -850/Kg
Rate-780/kg, if Purchase direct from calling 93549-12345.
कम्पनी उधार भी देती है लेकिन कुछ Dealing के बाद ही !
डीलर के माध्यम से भी ले सकते है !



         ( FEED INTAKE 100 GMS TO 105 GMS /Day)

GUAR – 30 KG
DORB- 20 KG 
FISH  (4o % protein )-40 KG
SOYA (45 % protein ) -60 KG
MUSTARD DOC  (37 % protein ) 70 Kg
M.P ( Marbal Powder )-30 KG
DCP  ( Dicalcium Phasphate )-4 KG
SODA MEETHA  ( Sodium Bicorbonate ) -800GMS
MULTIENZYME -300 GMS or as recommended by Company.
TOXIN BINDER-IKG    or as recommended by Company.
LIVER TONIC -500 GMS  or as recommended by Company.
VIT PREMIX-260 GMS or as recommended by Company.
TRACE MINERAL -1KG or as recommended by Company.



Don’t Worry if Formula is less than 1000 Kg. But Many Poultry farmers are using This and getting best results. .

Dr Surinder Khanna
Dr Surinder Khanna

Formula Given By Dr. Surinder Khanna ( One Of The Best Consultant In India.)

Energy Around 2700 and CP Around 17.80 Indian farmer gives these figures

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How to Clean Poultry Water with Bleaching Powder | Dose Of Bleaching Powder |


        How to clean water With negligible expense ?

Poultry farmers are giving tank’s water to their birds.

Chlorination of water
water cleaning,

Quality of water must be good. If water is contaminated with virus or bacteria , it is sure you can’t expect best growth from Your Poultry ‘s Birds.

You can clean water tank with negligible expense. Please note carefully.
Purchase bleaching powder from market of best quality.
It will change the taste, but after some time it will be fine.
Many poultry farmers are using costly products to clean water ,I am not saying not to use that, Those we are using water tank can follow the given method.

Many other businessmen also follow this treatment to clean water from bacteria & virus.
But REMEMBER , if you have poultry farm never give this water before 2 or after 2 days after vaccination.
It kills virus & bacteria it also kills the Live virus of vaccine.

Bleaching powder cannot be used for cleaning purpose without proper calculations. Most of the people think that if they use large quantity of cleaning materials they feel safe and done proper job of it. Bleaching powder has chlorine in it and higher ratio affects health and is not safe for human consumption.

Wait for 2 hours and then test the chlorine level in the tank water to make sure it is near the 0.2 – 0.6 level.

First of all Bleaching Powder should not be added directly  in the tank, the solution should be prepared first and after keeping for 15-20 minutes it  should be used. Further generally in field practices.

Adding chlorine powder to water in a bucket, add it slowly and stir the water all the time. Keep stirring the solution in the bucket until all the chlorine has dissolved.Than put the solution in Water tank( Not directly ).Mix whole water with bamboo.

If any chlorine does get onto the skin or clothes, wash it off quickly with lots of water. The container used for measuring out the chlorine powder should be used only for that purpose.

Keep bleaching powder  away from children and food.

Chlorine level .2 ppm to  0.6 ppm level is good, it does not present a health problem. The high level of chlorine may make the water taste of chlorine and some people may not like this. If the water is needed for drinking, let it stand in an open container . This will allow the chlorine to escape. However, if it is going to stand in the open the water must be protected from contamination.

Dose-3-4 gram bleaching powder is sufficient for 1000 ltr.  & shake water with bamboo. within 15-20 minutes almost all the virus & bacteria will be finished.

if you want to add bleaching powder in a regular basis 2 grams for 1000 lit will be just sufficient.

This quantity should be dissolved in 20 liters of water and than it should be mixed in your tank. Instead of bleaching powder you can use Sodium Hydochloride solution.

Bleaching powder of strength 25 to 30%.Generally if the water is not so polluted the chlorine demand is 0.3mg.

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Top Management TIPS For Poultry Farmers to Get Best FCR and Production.

Top Management TIPS By Poultry Farmers to Get Best FCR and Production .

If Poultry farmers Don’t follow following steps they are in lose.If poultry farmers follow these steps,i assure you you will get best results in your poultry business.

1-Width of Poultry Shed  should be 25 feet and shed floor should be at least 2 feet above ground level.

2- Partition for every 500-600 sq. feet.

3-Provision of death pit for disposal of dead birds. Never Give Mortality to Dogs.

4- Always make arrangement For two water tanks One for medication and another for drinking water. Main water tank with capacity of 500 litres for every 1000 Birds & 100-200 Ltr for medication for 1000 Birds.

5-Side Curtains must be on both sided of your poultry farm..Outside Curtain must be synthetic and internal must be of Joot Bags. At time of high level of ammonia in poultry shed you can open Outer curtain 1-2 feet and internal Joot Curtain save birds from direct cool air.

6- Water availability throughout the year. Water quality and Hardness below 750 ppm, and PH laval between 6.0 to 8.5.

7- First 7 days maintain temperature between 90-95 Degree Fahrheit in your poultry shed & temperature meter must be note only 1 feet above to Floor level.

8-never leave corner in brooding periods. Make round circle .

9- Give space between .20-.25 square feet for each broiler’s bird during brooding period.

10- One Tube light for every 300 to 400 sq. feet and uniform distribution of  Light in your poultry shed..

11-Foot bath / dip with disinfectant for better bio security before entering in poultry shed..

12-Clean, disinfect and fumigate the poultry shed shed and all poultry related equipment well before the arrival of the chicks.

13-Check for the right temperature and humidity levels 24 hours prior to the arrival of the Chicks at your poultry farm.


Rice Husk or Wood powder must not be less than 2 Inch. & must be dry and fungus free. I hope these tips will help you .

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Poultry Doctor Top 8 Tips For Poultry Farmers in First Week Of Brooding Chicks to Overcome Yolk Sack. ( Omphallitis ).

The Top Symptoms of Yolk Sack Are – Vent pasting,Swollen abdomen . Yolk Sack is the Major Problem In Winter.  So Always take it seriously  .   

Tip-1 – Maintain Temperature its must be near 90-95 Degree Fahrenheit.

Tip-2 Always Use Two Curtain In Winter for Poultry Management, One In Outside With Synthetics Strong Covering.

One With Internal Covering With like this to control to prevent direct Cool Air in condition when we try to manage ammonia and other gases



Tip-3-Never forget to use thermometer & giving chilled water to chicks of poultry birds its final mistake.

So Always Give fresh water or add Hot Water to Cold water before giving to your Poultry birds.




Tip-4- Ammonia Gas & other gases are very harmful for chicks growth.

So manage curtain to avoid gases.

Tip-5- Never Forget Timely Feeding. If Feeding mistake like short or late feeding will effect Better growth.

Tip-6-Litter never be less than 2 inches . If using Wooden Powder,It Must be 100% fungus free. Otherwise it will harm your birds.

Tip-6- Temperature Meter Must Not be hanging on top,It Must be not longer than 1 feet above litter .

Tip-7- Some Poultry Farmers  start maintaining temperature after receiving chicks , Its mistake . Maintain  temperature before coming chicks to your poultry Farm.

Tip-8- Giving Less Space to bird is top mistake & first step to preparing your poultry farm to get lose.Space must be .20-.25 square feet to each bird with best temperature maintenance & Humidity. Next Topic will be humidity.

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Last Years Complete details of Poultry EGG Rates 2014-2015 India

Today’s Topic Is about Egg rates In 2014-2015 . These rates can help you analyse in which months rates were high & in which months rates were down. Earlier rates were for 2013-2014. Next rates will will be for 2014-2015.

Note- We give daily rates & poultry knowledge. Visit Regularly For daily rates. ( 1 USD is around 64 Indian Rupees.) All rates are In Indian Rupees for 100 EGGS.

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Proven Herbal Formula To Control Viral and Bacterial Diseases in Poultry Farm by Improving Immunity & Fungal Disease.

As usual we are here to discuss one more topic is reason of 80 % mortality in Poultry Farms Worldwide and How To Control It By herbal Easy almost Free Formulation.

The first reason is Viral Disease.The second reason is bacterial disease. Poultry farmers some time can’t make difference in Viral & Bacterial Disease, so by this reason they also suffer extra lose.

Ranikhet , Gumboro-  & influenza are viral disease.You may noticed if poultry bird suffer from these disease,all birds are not affected some birds be alive,Some Time there is mortality of all birds & some time some birds are alive.


The birds are alive because they are having immunity against Virus & Infection.
Many farmers always asked there is Influenza ,Gumboro or Ranikhet or ND & Now the real question is what is the treatment ?
There is really no medicine of Viral Disease. Experts also says There is no medicine For Viral Diseases .Only one way is to prevent or improve immunity so that bird’s can face viral or bacterial disease.
There are many products if you use those Herbal easily available products there will be less or no lose  in your poultry business because of viral or bacterial infection.
Like Turmeric Powder, Basil( Ocimum tenuiflorum), Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi )& Azadirachta indica( Neem Leaves) control disease,Because bird’s immune system & intestine become strong after using these herbs or body of poultry bird’s give better performance.

Bacterial infection Like CRD,CCRD & E colai have treatments.
The Mistake ,Poultry farmers are doing , in initial stage of bird they are giving antibiotics to control infection.
It may be good, because you don’t know is there any infection in Day old Chicks or not ?
Some hatcheries (Chicks Suppliers ) are very good but remember the antibiotics you give in initial stage , & if bird’s get sick in future so there are very less chance, the same antibiotic you given in initial stage will work .

Example,You given Enrofloxacin in initial stage & in future if bird’s get sick & you give Enroflaxacin again.
It might be possible same Enrofloxacin will work or might be possible it work less.
SO use light antibiotics which will work on gut & System.Its better not to give antibiotics.

Best Antibiotic to be used  initially which work on both area (In Gut & as well as Blood stream ).So that infection get clear in Gut & Blood. If you think Enroflaxacin or Levoflaxacin work better at your farm avoid using in initial stage.

Note- Only For region where chicks quality is under question or no advanced labs are not available.
The difference between bacteria & Virus is Virus is Virus is  minimum 10 times shorter than Bacteria & Bacteria has advantage also.
Bacteria are beneficial & harmful but Virus for poultry are only Harmful.
Today i will let you know some tips how to make your poultry farm safe from Viral &Bacterial Disease cause 90 % of mortality ,Fungal disease & other disease we will discuss later in next topic.

Never forgot to add Haldi( Turmeri Powder), Basil( Ocimum tenuiflorum), Trachyspermum ammi& Azadirachta indica( Neem Leaves) in your Poultry Feed to improve immunity.


Now Note The Dose- Haldi( Turmeri Powder)-300 gram , Dry Basil( Ocimum tenuiflorum)-300 gram, & Azadirachta indica( Dry Neem Leaves)-100 gram,Trachyspermum ammi- ( Ajawian 300 Gram)  Powder to Added In 1000 Kg of Broiler Feed resulting Less Fungal Disease & Better immunity.

Important Tips Before Purchasing Land To Start a Poultry Farm.

Tips Before Purchasing Land Before Starting a Poultry Farm.

Welcome To Poultry India TV.

                 Many poultry farmers running poultry farm on rent.Commented & asking ,Should they make their own poultry farm ?They are also asking for Tips before making Poultry farm.
We discussed with many Poultry experts & we taken advice from them & made a small video for you.
Today’s Topic Is Tips Before Purchasing Land Before Starting a Poultry Farm.
& next topic will be Poultry farm Design.

Tip-1 –Those farmers who purchased costly land Always felt guilty for  purchasing costly land  . So Always Remember cheap/Economical land Must be planned for Poultry farm..
Tip-2– Village’s Land is always better than City for poultry farm.Because land in City Is Very costly.
Those we made poultry farm in City,They have to sell their land. As when they were offered better price of land/ you have to force to shift by Government to shift .( Motive of building poultry Farm is becomes Zero either profit or loss.

Tip-3 – Never make farm on main Road as too much noise of Vehicles will disturb your birds & Bird will not be comfortable & Output will be less.
Tip-4- The road or way to your poultry farm should be reachable easily.

So that transportation of Poultry Feed & Chicks must be  done easily. Remember if you are not able to receive poultry feed timely , birds can’t tolerate hunger & huge Mortality will be done & during selling your bird if Your Poultry’s birds stuck in way,It will be great loss for you. Note- Bird can’t tolerate this stress & will be die.

 Poultry Farmers are having their own poultry farm,They are found in more profit & Those poultry farmers  usually get more loss which don’t have their own poultry farms

.We discussed with more than 100 Broiler poultry farmers ,They are saying as rent charges is going on & to manage rent charges they don’t want to keep shed empty.
Its Mentality of Poultry Farmers, if You have your own poultry farm,you are not in hurry to purchase costly chicks.
Tip-5 – Ensure the water quality & Water easily available.
Tip-6- The most important tip.Many poultry farmers are meeting to Sales Representatives at their farm,Never do this,
Never meet sales representatives,hatchery owners & others at your poultry farm.Never invite bacteria & virus knowingly.

Tip-7-The last & Final Tip- When you are planning to sell birds,The vehicles for transportation as visit your poultry farm.
the bacteria load & viral load at your poultry farm becomes too high,Because the same Vehicle transport  infected birds .
Try to liquidate all bird with in few days after even one visit of transporting vehicle or Give Proper care to disinfection.

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