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Cevaex | Get Distribution of Poultry Products Manufacturer and Exporter From India on Wholesale Price| Product List

Cevaex-Tox  Powder

Highly Treated Toxin Binder,Anti Fungal and Gut Care.


HSCAS ( Highly Treated )

Activated Charcoal,

Organic Acids( Formic Acid and Propionic Acid)


Prevention and control of Mycotoxicosis, Gut Care and Pathogen Agglutination.
Dosage: Routine use : 750 gm – 1kg. / MT of feed.

Dose Can Be Increased, if Moisture is High in Feed or as directed by Consultant.

Presentation:- 25 kg. bag

Cevaex-Tox + Powder


HSCAS ( Highly Treated 99% Pathogen Free )

Activated Charcoal,

Organic Acids( Formic Acid and Propionic Acid)

Oxine Copper,

MOS ( Immunity Booster)


MOS acts as immuno modulator .

Prevention and control of Mycotoxicosis, Gut Care and Pathogen Agglutination.
Dosage: Routine use : 750 gm – 1kg. / MT of feed.

Dose Can Be Increased, if Moisture is High in Feed or as directed by Consultant

Presentation:- 25 kg. bag


Cevaex-Tox Liquid-

Toxin Binder,Growth Promoter,

Liver Tonic and Stress Buster.

Composition Per Liter:-

Propionic Acid- 60 ml

Formic Acid-120 ml

Citric Acid- 10 gm

Tricholine Citrate-1500 mg

Choline Chloride-500 mg

Ferric Ammonium Citrate-200 mg

Zinc Chloride-500 mg

Protein Hydrolysate-100 gm

Copper Sulphate-300 mg

Vitamin-B10-500 mg

Vitamin B2-75 mg

Vitamin B6-200 mg

Vitamin B12- 2 mg

Magnesium Chloride-500 mg




1-Cevaex-Tox replaces harmful bacteria by inhibiting mold and controlling harmful bacteria population.

2—Cevaex-Tox Improve FCR by acting broad spectrum bacterial Toxin Binder.

3-Control Fatty Changes and Improves Liver health.

4-Optimum Utilization of Fat Through Better Feed Conversion.

5-Control the ill effect of Toxins ,thus acts as Immuno modulator

6-Acts as Mould inhibitor as well as Anti Fungal.

7-Cevaex -Tox decreases the PH of water .So Acts as acidifies in Poultry. Resulting better F.C.R. and large Villi Length, resulting better absorption of Nutrients.


Dosages– .1-2 ml/Ltr of Drinking water in Poultry.

Dose can be increased up to 4-5 ml/ltr in case of any outbreak of viral and bacterial disease.



Composition: GROCID is a blend of High strength Propionic acid ,Formic acid, Acetic Acid and Citric Acid.


  • 1-Propionic Acid acts as Antifungal reduce the Toxic effect of Fungus in Poultry
  • 2-Formic Acid acts as Antibacterial effect.
  • 3-Acetic acid increases the villi height resulting, better absorption of Nutrients.
  • 4-Citric acid is well known growth Promoter for Poultry.
  • 5-Grocid decreases the PH level, which makes a better environment for growth of good bacteria in gut and less growth of harmful bacteria  in Poultry. Resulting less outbreak.
  • Reduces microbial load in the gut and Maintains optimum pH in the crop, proventrieculus Gizzard and intestines .
  • Very much useful in the conditions like.
  • All stress conditions
  • Poor litter condition
  • As a performance booster.


In drinking water : 1 in 1 liter of drinking water for 7 days.
Dose can be increased 4-5 ml/liter I case of any outbreak or as advised by consultant.


25kg. Pouch



Composition: Each 1000 ml contains
Elemental calcium : 17000 mg.
Elemental phosphorus : 8500 mg.
Vitamin D3 : 80,000 IU
Vitamin C : 500 mg.
Vitamin B12 : 100 mcg.
Citric acid : 20000 mg.

Fortified with Maganese,Zinc,Cobalt and Copper.


  • Better utilization of calcium and phosphorus.
  • High strength  gives better utilization because of availability of D3 and B12.
  • Prevents leg weakness, lameness, osteomalacia, perosis, egg breakages, breakages, thin shelled eggs, rough shelled eggs.
  • Increases growth, body weight and bone strength in broilers.
  • Increases egg size, egg quality and egg production in layers.
  • Increases hatchability in breeders.
  • Prevents cage layer fatigue, prolapse, pecking, cannabolism etc.


  • Legs weaknesss, lameness
  • Poor growths
  • Egg breakages, rough shelled eggs, thin shelled eggs.
  • Production drops
  • Poor feathering
  • Poor hatchability
  • Pecking and cannabolism
  • Cage layer fatigue
  • Prolapse etc.

Dosage: In drinking water : 7-10 days Chicks & broilers starters : 7-10 gms. / 100 birds
Growers, layers & broilers finishers : 20-25 gms / 100 birds
Breeders : 30-35 gms. / 100 birds
In feed : 250 gms / ton of feed continuously
During risk conditions : 500gms. – 1kg. / ton of feed (or) as advised by a veterinarian.

Presentation: 1lt., 5lt

Cevalyte – C

Composition: Each kg. Contains
Sodium Chloride : 10,000 mg.
Calcium Lactate : 12,000 mg.
Calcium Glucanate : 12,000 mg.
Sodium Bicarbonate : 30,000 mg.
Sodium Citrate : 60,000 mg..
Potassium chloride : 30,000 mg.
Magnesium sulphate : 10,000 mg.
Elemental sodium : 10,000 mg.
Elemental potassium : 30,000 mg.
Dextrose Monohydrate upto: 1000 gms.

Ascorbic acid : 20,000 mg ( 2%)

Benefits / Indications:
Very much helpful in the following conditions :

  • Heat stress
  • Dehydration
  • Disease
  • Transportation
  • Vaccinations
  • Debeaking
  • Deworming
  • Production slumps etc.

Provides instant energy and makes the birds active.

As an energy booster
During antibiotic therapy
During all stress conditions mainly in summer.

In drinking water : 7-10 days. 1 gm. per 1ltr. of drinking water
In feed : 1kg. per ton of feed.

Presentation: 1kg, 20 Kg Drum

            Cevaenzo Granules

 Granular Cocktail Enzyme Fortified with Phytase For Poultry


Phytase (2500  FTU/Gram), Protease, Cellulase, Alpha Amylase, Amyloglucosidase, Pectinase, Beta-Glucanase, Xylanase, Lipase, Beta- Mannanase


  • Improves FCR In Poultry
  • Reduces wet droppings, odors and improves litter quality in Poultry Farm (less microbial contamination) leading to cleaner eggs.
  • Increases Daily Weight Gain in Broilers & number of eggs in layers and breeders.
  • Cevaenzo Enzymes Improves absorption efficiency of amino acids & minerals etc.
  • Optimizes the use of conventional and non conventional feed ingredients.

Dosage: 1kg 3 ton of feed
(or) as advised by a Nutritionist.

Presentation: 25kg.



Granular Phytase For Poultry

Composition: Each gm. contains
Granular phytase : 5000 IU


  • Increases the phosphorus availability in the feed.
  • Releases phytate bound phosphorus from plant feed stuffs.
  • Prevents the phosphorus deficiency related symptoms and lesions.
  • Improves mineral assimilation.
  • Helps for better growth & body weight in broilers.
  • Helps for better egg production in layers both in term of quality and quantity.

Dosage: 100 gm. / ton of feed continuously.

Special Note : DCP replacement with phytase should be planned with careful consideration of fish, SFC and DORB contents of feed, age and phosphorus requirements of birds. Avoid over dosing or under dosing. Proper mixing of feed and phytase-5000 also very important for better results. Always keep the phytase-5000 in air tight containers after usage.

Indications :

  • As a routine feed additive to supplement extra phosphorus or to utilise maximum phosphorus from feed stuffs.
  • Phosphorus deficiency symptoms.

Presentation: 25 kg. Bags




Vitamin A 2,500,000 I.U.
Vitamin D3 500,000 I.U.
Vitamin  E 3.75 g
Vitamin K3 250 mg
Pyridoxine 2 g
Riboflavine 4 g
Thiamine 3.5 g
Dexpantheno 15 g
Vitamin B1 10 mg
Amino Acid
Methionine 5 g
Choline 400 mg
Lysine  2.5 g   Tryptophan  75 mg
Histidine 900 mg  Biotin   2 mg
Arginine 490 mg

Threonine  500 mg

Serine   680 mg

Proline   510 mg

Glutamic acid  1.16 g

Cystine   150 mg

Alanine  975 mg

Glycine   575 mg

Valine   1.1 g

Leucine  1.5 g

Isoleucine  125 mg

Tyrosine  340 mg

Phenylalanine  810 mg

Inositol  2.5 mg
Aspartic acid 1.45 g


  • Helps for fast growths and higher body weights.
  • Improves general health


  • Helps for better size eggs
  • Helps for increase of egg production.
  • Helps for persistency in egg production
  • Improves general health.


  • Helps for more hatchability and fertility
  • Helps for better egg produ
  • ctions, Improves general health.
  • Dosage:-
  • 1ml/ltr of Drinking water or dose can be increased as per direction of consultant.

Liquid : 1ltr., 5ltrs., plastic containers


Livocea Liquid

Composition: Each 10 ml contains

Tricholine Citrate-1500 mg

Protein Hydrolysate-100 mg

Vitamin B12-  4mcg

Insitol-  10 mg

Lysine – 56 mg

Selenium- 7 mcg

Vitamin E- 20 mcg

Biotin-  6 mcg

Indications : 

  • Low feed intake
  • Lower egg production
  • Mycotoxicosis
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Poor growths
  • Poor body weights
  • For improving feed utilization and feed intake.


10-ml  -20 ml/ 100 Birds or as advised by consultant


1 Ltr, 5Ltr


Livocea Liquid

Composition: Each 10 ml contains

Tricholine Citrate-1500 mg

Protein Hydrolysate-100 mg

Vitamin B12-  4mcg

Insitol-  10 mg

Lysine – 56 mg

Selenium- 7 mcg

Vitamin E- 20 mcg

Biotin-  6 mcg

Indications : 

  • Low feed intake
  • Lower egg production
  • Mycotoxicosis
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Poor growths
  • Poor body weights
  • For improving feed utilization and feed intake.


10-ml  -20 ml/ 100 Birds or as advised by consultant


1 Ltr, 5Ltr

( Livocea Liquid | Top Liver Tonic For Poultry | Cevaex | Cevaex Livertonic For Better Growth and Performance in Broiler Layer and Breeder|)

Livocea Powder


Tricholine Citrate, Vitamin B12, Insitol, Methyl donor and Liver Stimulants,

Indications : 

  • Low feed intake
  • Lower egg production
  • Mycotoxicosis
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Poor growths
  • Poor body weights
  • For improving feed utilisation and feed intake.

Dosage of cevaex’s Livocea Powder

Cevaex Livocea Powder 500gm-1 kg. per ton of feed or dose can be increased as per advised by consultant

Presentation: 25 Kg


Libido Up

Libido Up is a highly specialized formulation with special selective herbs having the functional ability of enhancing breeding performance.

1. Increases sexual mode
2. Helps for better sperm quantity and quality.
3. Increases fertility and hatchability.
4. Participate in sexual actions more frequently.

Male Breeders: 50-60 gm / 100 birds 5- 7 days every month or as advised by a veterinarian.

Presentation: 1kg. pouch




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