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Cevaex-Tox Liquid | Liquid Toxin Binder | Growth Promoter | Stress Buster For Poultry | Cevaex | CevaTox

Cevaex-Tox Liquid-

Toxin Binder,Growth Promoter,

Liver Tonic and Stress Buster.

Composition Per Liter:-

Propionic Acid- 60 ml

Formic Acid-120 ml

Citric Acid- 10 gm

Tricholine Citrate-1500 mg

Choline Chloride-500 mg

Ferric Ammonium Citrate-200 mg

Zinc Chloride-500 mg

Protein Hydrolysate-100 gm

Copper Sulphate-300 mg

Vitamin-B10-500 mg

Vitamin B2-75 mg

Vitamin B6-200 mg

Vitamin B12- 2 mg

Magnesium Chloride-500 mg




1-Cevaex-Tox replaces harmful bacteria by inhibiting mold and controlling harmful bacteria population.

2—Cevaex-Tox Improve FCR by acting broad spectrum bacterial Toxin Binder.

3-Control Fatty Changes and Improves Liver health.

4-Optimum Utilization of Fat Through Better Feed Conversion.

5-Control the ill effect of Toxins ,thus acts as Immuno modulator

6-Acts as Mould inhibitor as well as Anti Fungal.

7-Cevaex -Tox decreases the PH of water .So Acts as acidifies in Poultry. Resulting better F.C.R. and large Villi Length, resulting better absorption of Nutrients.


Dosages– .1-2 ml/Ltr of Drinking water in Poultry.

Dose can be increased up to 4-5 ml/ltr in case of any outbreak of viral and bacterial disease.


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