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Livocea Powder | Liver Tonic Powder For Poultry | Top Liver Tonic For Poultry | Cevaex |

Livocea Powder


Tricholine Citrate, Vitamin B12, Insitol, Methyl donor and Liver Stimulants,

Indications : 

  • Low feed intake
  • Lower egg production
  • Mycotoxicosis
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Poor growths
  • Poor body weights
  • For improving feed utilisation and feed intake.

Dosage of cevaex’s Livocea Powder

Cevaex Livocea Powder 500gm-1 kg. per ton of feed or dose can be increased as per advised by consultant

Presentation: 25 Kg

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