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EColi Sympoms and Prevention in Poultry |Escherichia Coli Infection Information | Poultry Disease Ecoli | How to Prevent Ecolai in Poultry |

             Escherichia Coli Infection Popularly Known as E- Coli-  infections are commonly triggered by Immuno suppression  or by week management in poultry farm.

  • It also can spread in poultry birds through fecal contamination and through contaminated eggs.
  • Symptoms-  Symptoms may very , depending on the severity of disease and environment. But some symptoms of E-Coli are Ruffled feathers,
  • depression, Less feed intake, coughing, and change of voice in breathing .
  • Ecoli Symptoms and Prevention .
    Ecoli Symptoms and Prevention .
  • Some time Yellowish colored droppings.


( When you check the bird a thick light yellow layer near heart can be seen.

Poor Growth or Poor Production is normal if bird get affected by E-Coli.


Prevention-  Increased dust and ammonia levels and higher litter moisture  irritate the respiratory epithelium and provide an opening for E. coliinfections.

 So Never Compromise with dry Litter and try to give less stress of overcrowding , always give optimum  temperature to your poultry birds and never run in bird’s area or after bird.

Either you are running a breeding farm or hatchery, never compromise with hygiene and management otherwise your mistake can transfer E-colai to birds either you are brooding them or any other poultry farmer.

Light dose of Multivitamins and minerals additionally also help bird to combat stress.

Never compromise with micro nutrients  like chromium and selenium dose in Poultry feed.

Always give fungus free and good quality feed for less stress to birds.


   Finally the most important, in most of cases  E-Coli is secondary disease in Poultry. When bird is affecting with any other disease E-coli find space for it. So During vaccination take every best precaution and care  as much you can and never ever miss any vaccine to birds.


Treatment- Many antibiotics are used to cure Ecolai in poultry depending on the past history of antibiotic used and depending on the availability. Colistin Sulphate also given but it depends on rules and regulations of your country and local policies to use different antibiotics. 

                     I tried to provide very simple knowledge.  In last never forget- Prevention is better than cure.   For more Poultry knowledge- visit 


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    EColi Sympoms and Prevention in Poultry |Escherichia Coli Infection Information | Poultry Disease Ecoli | How to Prevent Ecolai in Poultry | | Poultry India TV

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