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How Much Space Required For Poultry Farming | Land Requirement to Start Poultry Farm | Simple Tips For Space Requirement |

How much space you provide to your birds from Starting to Lifting of broiler birds.

Example if you are having 100 feet long & 20 feet long . than you can replace 2000 birds maximum .

So 3000 square feet you can rear e maximum 3000 birds,

But BUT If First day chicks of Layer bird or broiler birds are coming than at your farm it will be Like this.

Example if 2000 chicks are arriving at your farm than you just divide by 4. Just divide by 4.

Number of chicks 2000 divided by 4 than only  500 square feet is the space required in first day to 4-5 days.

Keep increasing the space regularly. This formula will be fail , if you are planning to grow your Commercial broiler birds more than 2 kg plus For all birds .

Change the formula.  Now formula in winter – Length of farm multiply by width example 100 feet long & 20 feet width than place .

2000 divided by 1.3 . Now You can rear 1538 birds maximum. This is for winter season . & All birds planned more than 2 kg plus Body weight.



         In Hot Areas , where temperature reaches 35 degree plus the  Formula will be different,Than divide area  ( in square Feet )of farm divide by 1.5 . Example 100 feet long , 20 feed width than maximum bird you should rear . 100 feet multiply by 20 and divided by 1.5 .

This formula for Hot areas . & All broiler planned more than 2kg. this is example only.if you are planning. to Liquidate / sell  small birds.

Than only Total square feet is equal to number of birds you can rear in you poultry farm.

But always remember this details is limited to commercial Broiler farming , not for backyard Poultry and its only to rear birds . You godown and other space for your sitting is extra. It also  depend on your local policies and regulation of your country .For more poultry knowledge visit our website-




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