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Temperature and tips for cold storing of eggs.

If eggs are to be stored for 3 months you need 10 degree Celsius.

But storing for 5 months you should store at 3 degree Celsius.

Eggs can be stored along with potatoes in same compartment but cannot be stored with melon or apples as they impart flavour to eggs and gets spoiled.

Only egg tray weighing 1500 to 1600 gms is most suitable for storage. Hens given mustard or fish or DDGS has lower shelf life i n storage.

Eggs having pimples on shell spoil earlier. Only tricky businessman can earn but majority remain at par or sometimes looser. –

Eggs from fogger installed are not worth storage and gets spoiled.

Larger eggs have short life then smaller eggs.

Fortnightly candling after storage is necessary to check air sac space area, quality of albumin etc. Eggs stored in lower compartment faces low temp and have better shelf life as hot gases tend to move on the upper compartment.

Eggs stored one day old perform better then fresh eggs.

If cold store has insulated sheet of asbestos, eggs life increase compared to lantern.

It is myth that stored eggs should be consumed shortly. But if stored eggs are brought to at room temp. so that condensation evaporates life of eggs is increased.

March ,April Sabrimallah festival of south, Navatras and Sawan months are lean periods when eggs are stored tricky Businessman earns Rs 1 per egg as profit in period of 15 days to 3 months. It takes 10 paisa per egg per month as storage and transportation charges. All egg traders play gambles in storage and generally fetches profits which is quite handsome.

Article received From- Dr. Surinder Khanna.


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