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Why (Desi Murga) Country Chicken is Tastier Than Broiler Chickens ?

There are Two Main reason of better taste of (Desi Murga) Country Chicken than Broiler Chicken.

For reason one the following theory is applicable.

Commercial Broilers are reared for Fastest Growth . These breeds are not reared in free range and genetically designed for more weight in less time around 30-45 days.And Broiler always given a balance diet. Due to extremely less immune system these birds are given lots of vitamin minerals ,many vaccinations, anticoccidials,antibiotics as per requirements. In some country withdrawal period is not a big issue.

(withdrawal period  is time when  bird  is about to sell in market for human consumption and in this time no medication is given to birds )

The diet of  Broiler bird is always grains ,tallow,oil and meat and bone meal,dicalcium phasphate etc

What The bird is eating ? And these circumstances doesn’t allow them to develop a natural taste


Desi murga vs Broiler Chicken
Desi murga vs Broiler Chicken

On the other side Country Chicken (Desi Murga/Murgi ) are all native domesticated fowl and openly reared by local farmers on a small scale .

Different types of  breeds are Aseel, Kadaknath, and more.
The diet of  these types of bird is worms /insects and almost all natural things.
They are butchered when they reach age of maturity,after reaching the age of zero egg production or as per requirement . The maturity age of male bird is almost 6 Month plus.

By eating a different variety of natural diet and plenty of exercise ( it generate natural hormones in bird’d body ) and direct touch with nature. This  natural diet helps in developing the complexity of the meat’s flavor.

What bird’s is eating has direct impact has direct impact on its body.

Its just like organic, Birds reared without any antibiotics ,anticoccidial  and without any artificial supplements .


The second reason is- Commercial broilers  get mature in 30-45 days and its chicken is very soft and can be cooked in few minutes.

on the other side Country Chicken (Desi Murga/Murgi ) has long time of maturity and tough body. It takes huge time to cook.

While cooking many other ingredients are also used and more time in cooking allow other ingredients to leave extra flavor.

In short- Country Chicken (Desi Murga/Murgi ) are eating natural diet without any supplements and having more time in cooking gives a natural taste while broiler birds are fed many supplements and less time of maturity have no natural taste.

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