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Top 17 Winter Poultry Management Tips For best Profit and Results|Brooding Management in Poultry|First Seven Day Care Tips |

Winter Management In Poultry Easy Tips for Less Mortality and higher Growth rate.

1- Keep in mind Preheating of the shed must be done before 12 hours before receiving chicks.Initial temperature is required for best brooding is 95 degree Fahrenheit.

2- The Common mistake is measuring temperature from floor .Temperature  should not be measured from bottom of floor. If measuring from base of floor near litter it should be around Litter-95° Fahrenheit. In winter try to use the air of pending space in shed. Its better to use direct  cold air fro outside.



3- The Common mistake is Poultry farmers don’t provide good quantity of rice husk or wood powder for litter. Please note its for the comfort of bird and soak extra moisture.

So never compromise with bird’s comfort and management.



4- Space-.25 square feet must be given in initial stage and continuously to be increased.


5)-Round Brooding is considered best to avoid corners.Corners are the space , where birds gathered and increases the chance of mortality.

6- Papers or old News papers are used to avoid eating of Wooden powder or risk cover ,must not be removed before 3-4 days and 2 layers are considered best.



7- Brooding equipment must be well cleaned with good quality disinfectants including water pipes before receiving chicks.

8-It doesn’t matter which source you are using to generate heat . But it must no cause any gases formation in shed . Otherwise it will cause Ascites and other issues in poultry farm.

The main thing is is you are giving heat through electrical equipment ,than you  must have backup by alternative ways in case of power off.

9- Give Proper lights to all birds and light must be same and proper in all areas .

10- Double Curtains from sides one of Joot and of strong polythene to avoid direct cold air entry in poultry farm.



11-Ventilation in night time to remove CO2,CO, NH3 only through upper side of curtain . Never open all the curtain . In Day time always open curtains from the side , where your birds can get sunlight.

12- Add Dry Litter material if you feel any extra moisture in your poultry farm.


13-If sunlight or Light Sun heat you are feeling in shed ,you can increase space for birds. but remember in night time again decrease the space with 100% sure birds/Chicks must not over crowded and temperature is maintained in poultry shed.



14-A well trusted person or you must be present night time and keep on eye on temperature meter after every hour especially in first 7 days.First seven day best care of birds is half done of your success of full cycle.


15-Exhaust fans should be used to remove gases, with proper balance to maintain proper temperature . It will be give benefit of Less or Zero ascites’s Issue

16- Light intensity s/be 30-40 lux give better results in brooding time resulting better Growth in full life cycle of your poultry birds.


17-Never forget to maintain Humidity in poultry farm. Without Humidity maintaining temperature may be useless . Humidity of brooding area s/be 60-65%, after 3-5 days 50-60% .Humidity can be increased by using water pot near heating source to increase humidity and to be removed to decrease Humidity in Poultry Shed.

If you follow and succeed to follow the above instructions with best chicks quality and Crumbs feed and body weight achievement is 180+ gram average. You are winner and half done of success in this cycle in term of management and resulting less diseases in Poultry.

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